Where to Find a Market Basket in Paris

where to find a market basket in paris

If you have been following along with the Paris Agenda you would know one of my goals was to find a market basket. Visiting the market in Paris is something I really love to do. I don’t always buy a lot but I love observing what is for sale and what fruits and vegetables are in season. I make it part of my weekly routine. My favorite market to visit is the Bastille Market and it is partly because it really is a fabulous market but also because it holds a lot of good memories. 

This trip around I really wanted to get a market basket for my weekly visits.  Since I was living in an apartment close it was a great opportunity to pick up some fresh fruits and of course peonies. I was lucky enough having a little help with finding the perfect basket. I asked my friend Magali and she had her eye out. After lunch one day we made a trip to this Droguerie at the end of rue de buci. There are a few of these in Paris. You can also find one on rue cler. 

This map should help you if you want to find the exact location in Paris:

There are so many different options: short straps, long straps, and baskets. I opted for the long steps so I could put it over my shoulder. It was around 30 euros this should help you budget in finding your own. 

market basket with peonies in paris, france

If you can’t make it to Paris but still want a basket here are a few options:

market basket in paris on the seine

Now that I know where to find them I have basket envy and I want a few more. Hopefully next trip I will find room in my suitcase. Happy hunting and I hope this helps! 

This post does include affiliate links which help provide a little croissant and coffee research money. Thank you in advance. 

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  1. I just returned from France and found market baskets at the weekly market on the city square in Saint-Mere-Eglise (Normandy). I bought several to bring back to the States to give my sisters and friends as gifts! I brought a large, mostly empty suitcase this trip with plenty of bubble wrap (I HAD to take home some favorite wines!!). I filled the stack of baskets in my suitcase with my clothes. They traveled beautifully this way! And now I have beautiful touches of France to give as practical gifts!

  2. I am currently in Paris and would LOVE to pick up a basket! Do you know if these locations still carey them? Or are there any you recommend near La Marais? Thank you so much-these tips are lifesavers!

  3. One advise for taking a basket with you in a suitcase: Don’t squish it flat. Fill it with your clothes and put it that way in your luggage. It stays nicely in shape and doesn’t get destroyed or cracked.

    • Such a smart idea! Thank you. I just picked up another market basket in Porto and I filled it with clothes tonight as I packed. I can’t wait to use it this Summer!