5 Ways to Repurpose a Ladurée Box

The beautiful Ladurée boxes are hard to resist even without the macarons. They come in all different colors ( my favorite is pink) and they are too pretty to throw away. I have gotten a few as gifts over the years and I always try to reuse them in some way so they can be on display without throwing them out. Here are some ideas on how I use mine at home. Feel free to comment below and tell me how you reuse yours! 

Store Your Pens on Your Desk

5 ways to repurpose a ladurée box

I am always at a loss for pens and I prefer black over blue. I am still a huge fan of writing notes in old-fashioned notebooks so pens are essential. If you have a bunch on your desk it can get messy. The Ladurée box is a perfect size for storing your pens. 

Match Books from Your Travels

match box storage in a ladurée box

When it comes to my candles at home I am always looking for matches. In Paris it is a little easier to find them at restaurants. I collected a few of my favorites and keep them on hand when I need them. Storing them in my Laudrée box is the perfect spot. Plus it fits neatly on your coffee table too. 

how to repurpose a ladurée box 5 ways

Your Favorite Lipsticks

5 ways to repurpose a ladurée box

If you are like me I have a few different lipsticks and glosses rolling around my bathroom. Storing them in a Ladurée box is a perfect way to keep them tucked away until you need them. Plus this helps keep them all in one neat spot. I keep the box on my shelf in the bathroom for easy access.

Cotton Keeper for Your Beauty Products 

5 ways to repurpose a ladurée box

I am a huge fan of cotton squares for taking off makeup at night, putting on toner, or removing nail polish. I literally have so many of these in my bathroom since they are multipurpose. I love storing my cotton squares in my Laudrée box because it is a perfect size. 

Hair Accessories (Bobby Pins and More) 

5 ways to repurpose a ladurée box

I am forever loosing my bobby pins all around the house so I prefer to keep them in one place. This way when I am on the hunt for one of those tiny pins I can find them! I will keep a business card from a favorite restaurant or travel spot to keep them organized inside. 

Other ideas?

Cord keeper? jewelry box? Comment below and share your favorite! 

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  1. Fabulous idea! their boxes are so gorgeous, great shame not to make use of them. I keep my My Little Pairs boxes to store nail polish and make up etc!