Update on My Apartment : Part 2

For so long, I lived with empty walls in my apartment. I sell my photography for a living and I never had anything hanging. It was a goal of mine this year to put some of my work up. I always felt a bit overwhelmed when it came to choosing which photographs to hang. I thought of the same advice that I give my clients, find one piece that you LOVE and then build around it. I never want someone to regret a purchase. My photography should be something that makes you smile everyday and brings you joy. I finally finished my gallery wall and each photograph hanging has a personal meaning to me. I couldn’t think of a better way to launch the Print Shop than with sharing my own gallery wall. 

rebecca plotnick apartment photo

The space has come a long way! I switched out the rug and the mirror next to the couch and I really love the space! I posted this photo on Instagram yesterday but I wanted to explain why I chose the pieces that hang in the gallery wall. I also wanted to share credits to where I found some of my furniture and frame since I had a lot of people asking! 

The Gallery Wall:

The frames are all from West Elm. It is a mixture of these black frames that I love and the gold ones. The gold ones are a bit pricier so that is one of the reasons why I broke up the colors but also I like the mixture of the two. For a less expensive but similar version, these frames from Target are really great. This is the black version and the gold version. I own 9 of the black frames and will be doing a second gallery wall by my bed with these. 

The Photography 

My favorite piece on the wall is the Afternoon Light in The Paris Apartment. This was taken on a Sunday afternoon in early November. It is my family’s apartment and they hosted a Sunday Lunch with friends. The room was filled with laughter and there was so much love in the room. During the meal, the light filled the room with this beautiful glow. I excused myself to get up from the table because I couldn’t not capture it. I am so glad I did because this photo brings back all those beautiful memories. 

The musée d’orsay clock was the photo that launched my business so I can’t imagine it not hanging somewhere in my home. 

rebecca plotnick photo by katie donnelly

There was one spot on the wall that was filled with a sketch of me from a recent event that was really cute but I knew that I wanted a photo of me somewhere. This photo of me by my friend Katie Donnelly captures the joy that I feel when I am in Paris. It reminds me of how far I have come all these years and to continue to work hard so I can get back to Paris. 

Other pieces that hang on the wall:

La Vie est Belle

My First Paris Apartment in Montmartre (This had to make the wall) There are so many great memories of that first apartment.

Café de Flore in black and white 

Pont Alexandre III ( My favorite bridge in Paris) 

Paris Metro (Classic Paris) 

For My Apartment Furniture :

The Couch is from West Elm it is the Henry in Dove Grey

The pillows are West Elm

The Coffee Table: The Terrace Coffee Table from West Elm. I had my eye on this for a while and I finally brought it home. I think it works really well with the rug.

The Rug: Homegoods

Mirror: The Mirror I have wanted for so long is from Anthropologie. It works so well with the space and I can see it working in different spaces for years to come. This might be my favorite piece in the whole space. 

The bench with the mirror on top as well as the two chairs are antiques. 

rebecca potnick paris inspired apartment

I am still working on the rest of my apartment and I can’t wait to share the rest with you soon! It has been a process but a really fun one. I can honestly say I love coming home and waking up in this space. Thank you all support on the Print Shop! I can’t wait to see what you choose for your own home. 

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