Book Club: The Designer By Marius Gabriel

The latest book club selection is, “The Designer” by Marius Gabriel. 

The book is set in 1940’s Paris after World War II. Copper Reilly is photographer and reporter in Paris who is there on assignment with her husband. She is stuck in an unhappy marriage and eventually separates from her husband. She meets the designer, Christian Dior before he designs his first collection. 

Copper struggles to find who she really is and who she truly loves in a self discovery process. (There is some adult content that may not appeal to all) You can easily skim over this as it isn’t a huge part of the overall plot. 

The history of Christian Dior is true and I found it fascinating. He designs “The New Look” and also highlights the story of his sister who he was inspired by and creates the perfume, “Miss Dior” for Catherine Dior.  You can read more about it with this article. 

The book was just recently released but already getting great reviews. I would love to know what you think! 

the designer by marius gabriel

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