My Chicago Apartment Update

my chicago apartment every day parisian

It has taken way longer than I ever expected getting this place in order. I anticipated that I would spend the colder Winter months at home and crossing everything off my to do list but that never happened. Work got in the way and I can’t complain. Now that I am trying to slow down Summer a bit and not travel until the end of August to see family, I am making it a priority.

There are only a few things that need to be done still.

Chairs by Crate and Barrel and table by CB2

I have two marble bistro tables in the apartment. This one from World Market which is more of a French Bistro Table. I also bought this one from CB2 on Sale which is more modern.

my chicago apartment update everyday parisian

The print is Montmartre framed by Framebridge.

My chicago apartment parisian inspired

Find a home for my books 

It is getting a little out of control as you can imagine. I am in the market for a bookshelf. I am deciding between a few. You can tell me what you think below. I am going to move the Montmartre Paris print somewhere else even though it is one of my favorites and replace this with a tall bookcase. I find myself working in this space the most so I think it makes sense to put the bookcase here. 

 Coffee Table

my chicago apartment everyday Parisian

my chicago apartment parisian inspired

My current coffee table is the Terrace Coffee Table from West Elm which is currently on sale 20% off

my chicago apartment paris inspired

I don’t technically need a new one but after a few years with my last one, I am ready for an update that doesn’t require so much glass cleaner. 

 I have my eyes on this one. There is a theme of white and gold. But I promise there are a few pops of color here and there. 

Matching Bedside Tables 

my chicago apartment parisian inspired

I love the extra frames I added to above the bedside table. Having my own art at home has been such a joy and they are easy to spot out with new prints. The Diptyque candle was a gift from my favorite hotel in Paris, Grand Hotel du Palais Royal and brings me good memories.

I have this table which I love but I want two matching bedside tables. I still have to order them but they will most likely look like these. I did order marble tops to put on top and I will change out the hardware with gold nobs.

This photograph will go above the bed.


The Hallway 

my chicago apartment parisian inspired

I wasn’t so in love with the entry table but I ended up finding a piece of marble that fit perfectly and now it works much better! I switch out the hooks with Summer and Winter accessories that makes it easy to grab an umbrella or bag on the way out. The lights in the apartment are an eye sore since it is a rental I have lived with them but I think I am going to switch them out with these. 

My Favorite Corner

chicago apartment everyday Parisian

My favorite corner is my dresser and Anthropologie mirror. I love mixing old antique finds with new pieces. The mirror was as close to a Parisian mirror as I could in the States without bringing one home. I still have to style the top but this little corner makes me happy. 

my chicago apartment inspired by paris

my chicago apartment update everyday parisian

The Kitchen 

The kitchen still needs to be painted but I changed out the hardware from the original silver to gold nobs. I need shelves above the oven and the floors kill me. They are black and white vinyl that are so hard to keep clean. I want to order these for the floor. 

One more thing I am missing…

I am moving a few more pieces of furniture around but I have a blank spot where my dresser used to sit. I am giving away my TV because I rarely use it. I need a full length mirror and I think this spot will be just the place. The one thing I am hesitant to give away is my desk but right now I am not really using it. There will be a lot more added storage space with the end tables. 

restoration hardware mirror

This one from Restoration Hardware is my dream mirror but a little out of my budget. I will be hunting for an old frame at the Randolph Antique Market this Weekend to see if I can create my own. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on what I have so far! 

This post does include affiliate links which help contribute to my coffee and croissant research fund. Merci!

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  1. If you’re still looking for a mirror, I would use the visual search tool on Pinterest to find a copycat of the one you like. Ballard Designs and Wayfair are good sources. Believe it or not even the big brand hardware stores sometimes get in a load of nice mirrors. And check out consignment stores! Black and gold would work well too.

    • Thank you so much, Nan! I ended up with the Anthropologie one. I love it! But I am always on the lookout for another. I will look into your suggestions.


  2. Really like your choice of coffee table, just beautiful! I’ll have to take a look at CB2 since a brick and mortar store just opened in Seattle. OMG!!! That will be so dangerous! I recently framed and hung three of your prints. Just what my bedroom sitting area needed.

  3. Dear Rebecca..first, it is not clear at all where to post the comment. Second, you are so insightful. I have been on your blog for almost an hour digesting every little morsel! Place de Vosges is my favorite as well, and I know those little secret hotels; Beautiful…I used to go to Paris quite frequently before the internet changed everything. Lets hook up and collaborate…You need a wonderful 50’s Paris poster to adorn your apartment…consider it a large postem note… Paris on the wings of a dove. Now how romantic is that….and peaceful!! Richard, the poster guy

    • Hello Richard,

      I am so happy to hear from you! Thank you so much for your comment and it was a pleasure to meet you yesterday. I can’t stop thinking about that 50’s poster. It needs to find a home here in my Parisian inspired apartment. We should collaborate on something! Can you shoot me an email? [email protected]


  4. Hi Rebecca,

    Where do you get the marble tops for your furniture? I have two end tables that I wanted to put marble on top of and have come up empty with finding something that can be custom sized.

    Looks like a fresh and cozy home 🙂

    • Hi Kristen,

      I looked for so long and everything was SO expensive to get cut. So I finally researched and found that buying pieces of marble at either crate and barrel or world market were great options. The one in my hallway is the 16×24 pastry slab from Crate and Barrel. You can pick out the color you want at the store or buy online. Sadly, the first one arrived damaged but they were quick to replace it!

      I would love to see a photo when you complete your end tables 🙂


  5. Love it! Do you know the story behind the black bentwood chairs? They were originally created by Michael Thonet who got his first patent for bentwood furniture in Paris in 1914. I work for the company that now owns Thonet. Here’s a link to the website BTW, any chance you will have another small calendar for 2019? You got me the last ones you had for this year and I really love the photos, size, and space to write. Going on line now to look for the metro photo…Bisous, Cheryl

    • Hi Cheryl,

      I had no idea! That is so cool! What do you do for the company?

      I don’t have any more calendars. Sadly, that was my last run with the company. They licensed the product and created their own. I had a longer run than expected so I am grateful.


  6. I love you place and your photos…. I’ve looked on shop for the cafe de flore photo shown on the wall in the first picture on this blog post and don’t see if for sale…. Am I missing it? Would love to purchase.

  7. Rebecca your apartment looks amazing! Yes, I think a bookshelf would work perfect beside your sofa. I love my books too and the pile up very quickly it seems! I too have had a glass coffee table and yes it was tedious keeping it looking clean. Love the one you’re looking at! The mirror above your dresser is divine and looks fab! And lastly keep saving for that full length mirror! Restoration Hardware is very pricey but they gave beautiful pieces!

    Love the look you have created in your apartment! It must feel wonderful to come home to!

  8. Love! Also bookshelves are one of the top 3 things that make a house feel like a home so I’m excited for you to get all your books displayed!

    • Thank you, Hannah! I am excited for all the books to have a home and reduce the clutter around with all those book stacks 🙂

  9. I love your style Rebecca, you need to make it your own and from what I’ve seen it’s totally you very Parisian with a little flare I love it enjoy it’s perfect.

    • Thank you! It has been fun putting it together. This will be the first place I have ever had completed so it is very special.

  10. You just know how to create that french look…love seeing your photos and reading all about your adventures!

  11. Your place looks great! I recently moved from a condo to a house and gained an additional bedroom and and additional seating area. I enjoyed putting a mid-century modern spin on what is now the “formal” living room (formal meaning that there’s no TV in the room, so it will hardly ever get any use, ha, ha). It took just shy of 2 months after moving before my boyfriend could make time to hang art on the wall, but I’m so much happier now that it looks more finished!