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The Marais has become one of my favorite places to visit and stay in Paris over the years. It was in Place des Vosges in 2011 that I decided I wanted to move to Paris. I wanted to move right there in Place des Vosges. The dream came true in 2013, but I lived a bit further out in Montmartre. My dreams were bigger than my bank account at the time. But a few years later I was able to rent an apartment in The Marais and it was better than I could have pictured. I now travel back and forth from Chicago to Paris a few times a year switching between apartment rentals and hotels depending on my schedule. I discovered Pavillon de la Reine on my usual walk through the Marais. It is tucked back just far enough that you may not notice it walking by, but once you do you feel you have discovered a gem in Paris. Pavillon de la Reine is located right in the heart of Place des Vosges making it the most ideal location to move around The Marais. 

pavillon de la reine paris france

The hotel is tucked away and you may not notice it at first. This is the beauty of the hotel that it is right in Place des Vosges but just behind a door. You can relax in the the courtyard for breakfast, tea, or a glass of wine/cocktail. 

place des vosges paris france

My room was facing the exterior courtyard with a view outside. I enjoyed breakfast in the lobby one morning and one morning in my room. The breakfast buffet is a mixture of hot and cold and not to be missed. I am picky with my coffee (as you all know by now) but I really loved the coffee at the hotel and finished the entire pot which was probably meant for two..

pavillon de la reine paris france

pavillon de la reine paris france

pavillon de la reine paris france hotel

My room was an adorable duplex with bright colors. There was a sitting room on the first floor and the bedroom was upstairs. 

pavillon de la reine paris france hotel

pavillon de la reine paris france

pavillon de la reine paris france marais hotel

pavillon de la reine paris france hotel marais

pavillon de la reine paris france hotel marais

Place des Vosges is one of my favorite places to picnic. You can see on the map below I highlighted where to pick up picnic supplies. If you are staying at the hotel on Thursday or Sunday, don’t miss the Bastille Market. You can pick up lots of fun fruits, cheeses, and other picnic foods here. There are also other options for takeaway food options from Carette, Maison Plison and the Boulangerie 28 Blvd Beaumarchais.

place des vosges paris france marais

parisian boulangerie in the marais 28 beaumarchais paris france

place des vosges paris france

If you are up for a good cup of coffee and a walk, one of my favorite spots is Boot Café. The space isn’t too large but you can takeaway and stroll. I typically order a café crème or in the Summer a iced latte. Both run around 4 euros. 

boot cafe paris france where to drink coffee

Don’t miss a stop at Merci Used Book Store and Shop. They have great housewares, linens, and clothing. I love their paper section too!

paris france marais

merci used bookshop paris france

rue des rosiers paris francec

Explore Rue des Rosiers for falafel or check out my favorite Miznon! 

I loved using Pavillon de la Reine as my base for exploring Le Marais. I hope you have the chance to explore this area on your next visit to Paris. Feel free to save the map and download it to your phone to use as a reference. 

This post was in collaboration with Pavillon de la Reine, all opinions are my own. 

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  1. The Marais was our homebase back in ‘15 ~
    a block from Place des Vosges. I loved the location so much! Have you had the occasion to dine (maybe enjoy the killer chocolate mousse) at Chez Janou?!

  2. very good report, you should link with us at the insider marais guide since 2005… we publish also the printed marais map that is given to every host of our prefered hotel : le pavillon de la Reine.

  3. Rebecca thank you SO MUCH for this map of the Marais! Traveling to Paris for the first time this fall staying right in the heart of it. This will definitely come in handy 😊

    • I am so happy you like it! You must try Miznon! One of my favorite spots and not too pricey. I can’t wait to hear how you like your trip to Paris. Let me know how it goes! xo

  4. Oh, I would love to stay there some day, that hotel is amazing, but honestly Rebecca, those two nights are more than a half of the earning with your blog.

    • Caroline,

      You pointed out an excellent observation. There is a little note at the end of the post that the post was written in collaboration with the hotel. I am very selective about who I partner with and think my readers would enjoy the hotel and everyone has different budgets, so this is for that type of reader. I have readers on all types of budgets and people ask for personal recommendations and this is the best way I know how to do that. They have a lot of various room rates and I assure you I did not stay in the room that was close to my yearly earnings. I hope you understand and I am transparent with all of you 🙂