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I don’t remember the first time I saw the Eiffel tower sparkle, but I do remember the moment I decided to wanted to move to Paris. It was Summer 2011, I did a three-week tour through Spain, Portugal, and France and ended in Paris. I sat in Place de Vosges during a solo picnic and decided I had to find a way to move to Paris. I actually wanted to move into one of these apartments in Place de Vosges. My Montmartre apartment looked a little different from this in 2013, but this trip to Paris I stayed right in the center of Place de Vosges with Pavillon de la Reine and it was perfect. 

Pavillion de La Reine @rebeccaplotnick

Pavillon de la reine

Set back from the main square of Place de Vosges you can find the hotel Pavillon de La Reine. I found it on my walks through the Marais in 2013. The front of the hotel is filled with green ivy in the Summer and adorable balconies overlooking the courtyard with window boxes filled with flowers. In the Autumn months, the ivy turns bright red, this is when I found the hotel and was so happy to discover them. I have had a hotel crush on them for quite some time. 

My stay was scheduled for a Sunday which is my favorite day in Paris. Over the years I have come up with a Sunday routine that I just love and staying right in the heart of the Marais was such a treat. I walk to the Bastille Market for a stroll. Even if I don’t have anything to buy I love to people watch and see what things are for sale. The French eat so seasonally so it’s really interesting to see what foods they are selling during each season. I might pick up cheese for a picnic in the park depending on my agenda for the day. I always stop by favorite flower vendor for a snap or two. 

bastille market paris

A quick walk away from the Bastille Market you will find my favorite Boulangerie. I discovered it the same way as the hotel and it’s my favorite baguette in Paris. If you catch them when they are fresh out of the oven you are in for a real treat. Typically on Sundays, I will find a warm one in the morning. This past trip I took my friend and her husband and we literally got them piping hot. We stood on the corner outside and bit into the fresh baguette. We were silent as we enjoyed the fresh hot baguettes. I told her she could happily go home now! 

28 Beaumarchais My favorite baguette in Paris 

28 Beaumarchais My favorite baguette in Paris 

I typically return back to Place de Vosges for some people watching. If the weather is nice in the Summer months you can picnic. You can try to find an empty bench and read a book and they even have free wifi in the square if you need it 😉

Place de Vosges

I will stroll through the Marais a bit and end up not too far from Place de Vosges at au petit fer a cheval for a café crème. You can sit outside here for great people watching again. The street gets pretty crowded. The bar inside is shaped as a tiny horseshoe and the conversations that you can catch in here could write a book. 

au petit fer a cheval

The rest of my Sunday is usually off to explore île st louis and St Germain for a long stroll depending on the weather. I had a few errands to run this Sunday so I found myself by Hôtel de Ville and it started to pour down rain. I hurried back to the hotel and took a long hot shower. My room had the most amazing bath and shower with Molton Brown products. It was the best way to warm up after being soaked in the rain. 

pavillon de la reine paris, france

pavillon de la reine

pavillon de la reine

In the lobby, they have an honesty bar where you can help yourself to a drink or glass of wine and you just mark a piece of paper telling the hotel what you had to drink. It’s the nicest touch and a really relaxed atmosphere. 

Sadly my flight left super early in the morning and I had to miss the most amazing breakfast spread but I know I will be back soon! 

place de vosges

I highly recommend Pavillon de La Reine when visiting Paris. Pop in for a glass of wine, tea, or a stay in one of their fabulous suites. Don’t miss out on Place de Vosges just out their front door. They have one of the best locations in Paris, especially on a Sunday! 

Pavillon de la reine paris, france

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