Style: 5 Ways to Style a White Button-Up

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Earlier this month I wrote about what to pack for Paris in the Autumn, one of the staples in my wardrobe is the white button-up.  If you are in Paris, Chicago, or NYC the white button-up is a great way to pull together an outfit. My friend Alexis asked me how do you pack a white button-up? I always pack a wardrobe bag when I travel and it keeps everything neat and wrinkle-free. It also helps keep my outfits organized. Here are a few simple and classic ways to wear a white button-up. I used this white JCrew one I already had in my closet. 


Mini Skirt

how to style a white button-up

It was 70 degrees last week so this look could totally work up until about Friday. But in the Winter months, I wear this with a pair of heels and tights and it’s not a problem. I had my eye on this faux-leather mini skirt all winter and it sold out from JCrew but it is now back in stock. 

Classic Jeans

how to style a white button-up

I love a good t-shirt don’t get me wrong but an easy way to dress up your look is to switch it out for a white classic button-up. I am loving these new Hudson jeans I picked up this Summer and here I am wearing my favorite yosi-samara flats that are also a staple in my wardrobe. 

how to style a white button-up

Classic Sweater

@rebeccaplotnick how to style a white button-up

Once the weather gets cooler right about now it’s great to layer. I love throwing a white button-up under a sweater for some added warmth. I am cold all the time so I also put a white camisole under as an added layer. I love these sweaters from JCrew that come in every color. They are having a 30% off sale now so you can stock up for the Winter. 

Pencil Skirt

pencil skirt white button-up

When I have meetings in the city, if I am not in a little black dress I will grab a pencil skirt. This one from JCrew is so comfortable and when it comes to packing you can hang it or roll it in the suitcase for an easy work outfit. The d’Orsay heels are from JCrew as well. 

Black Pants

how to style a white button-up

 A perfect date-night option I am in love with these pants I bought last year. Pair them with a white button-up, heels, and a great red lip and you are good to go. 

how to style a white button-up

What’s your favorite way to style a button-up? Are there other Style posts you would love to see? Please comment below! 


This post was not sponsored by JCrew I just really love their style. Hair was sponsored by DreamDry

Photos by Liam Haehnle

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