Paris Diaries : Autumn No Seven

paris france black and white cafe

I felt completely overwhelmed and overstimulated in Paris. There is so much I wanted to see and do and I honestly felt like I didn’t do as much as I wanted to or planned. There are places I never made it to and other places I visited multiple times just based on my schedule. 

Luckily, I wasn’t too far from one of my favorite cafés. I don’t come here for the coffee (to be honest) but I come here for the atmosphere and I practice my French with Didier. There is a lot that happens at the café it is a revolving door of personalities and people. On a rainy day I can sit here and talk with people from all over the world and on warmer days the windows are open and you can observe and enjoy a nice glass of wine. 

marais parisian apartments paris, france

I spent the afternoon exploring Paris by foot taking in the sunshine. I have a specific walk I like to do so I wanted to make sure I fit that in. Typically I was wearing boots because you never know what the weather might bring and luckily I was wearing my suede waterproof boots most days. I walked 10 miles a day in Paris and they were fairly comfortable. 

I passed onto île st Louis to pick up a gift for my nephew as a request from my sister. My niece eats off the same Paris plate literally every meal so I had to get my nephew one of his own. 

green door in paris france

My errands in Chicago are never this enjoyable. I love being surprised by the city over and over again. I did notice a lot of changes on île st louis even from May. Sadly I feel like it is loosing its charm. I would love to document the changes and learn more about the back story of the places that are still remaining. 

notre dame paris france

I continued my walk past Notre Dame to St Germain des Prés. It may seem strange but seeing Paris never gets old. I remember walking across the bridge and snapping this photograph of Notre Dame and thinking “holy cow I am so lucky” I never want to take for granted this gift of Paris. I try to treat every day as it can all be gone tomorrow. I know there are a lot of you who read the blog who dream of Paris and have never made the trip. Hopefully, I inspire you to take the journey. Until then I am happy to bring Paris to you wherever you live. 

ballons in parisian apartments

I found these balloons on St Germain des Prés and they immediately caught my eye. If you have been following me for a while you know that I love balloons in Paris. I have shot a series of red balloons and pink balloons most recently. I was happy to capture this moment before they were gone. 

To Be continued…

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