Paris Diaries : No 10

Rebecca Plotnick Paris, France

I have been holding onto this photo for a few days trying to figure out what exactly to write. There is so much I want to say that I get overwhelmed and so I haven’t shared it. This is my first self portrait. Thanks to the trust iPhone I put this on a timer against a vase full of flowers and captured this photo. 

Earlier this week I stayed in the most dreamy apartment from my friends at Haven In on the left bank just minutes from Notre Dame. It had not one but three of these beautiful windows overlooking the street. The woman checked me in and the minute she left I was glued to this window. I stood there watching the world go by beneath me as people passed by on the street. There is a boulangerie to the right of me and a market to the left. 

I have been in Paris a full week. I may have packed two weeks into one. If you have been following along the days have been long and jam packed with meetings and activities. I have had tea at Le Meurice and Le Bristol. I have stayed at some incredible hotel properties. I have eaten so much wine, cheese, chocolates, and pastries. My computer is full with pictures of rooftops, the eiffel tower, and sunsets. I have not gone to bed before 1 am. 

This has been one crazy ride. There are days where things move by so fast that it doesn’t seem real. I am truly grateful for everything that has come my way. I will go home in a few days and sort through my photographs and relive every wonderful moment. 

Tomorrow is my last day in Paris. Sunday is my favorite day in Paris and I plan on visiting the Bastille market and doing a little shopping for my family. I also have postcards to pick up from an exciting location! I have asked someone special to contribute to the postcard collection so I have a few more to send out. Please comment below and tell me where you are following from. I will pick a handful to send postcards to from Paris before I leave on Monday. 

As for the cold it is here to stay and it seems some of my friends in Paris have come down with it too. I spent the evening outside at a café with a friend which I will share more about in a future post. I picked up some medicine from the Pharmacy and hope sleep makes me feel better. 

Thank you all so much for reading and for your sweet messages! I didn’t forget about filling you in on today but will push back until tomorrow. I think this one photograph speaks a lot so I will leave you on this note. 


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  1. I am sorry you got sick. I remember when I went to Paris in 2012 I got a cold the third day. Somehow I pushed through and with medicine to enjoy my Paris time. I’ve enjoyed following along with your posts and photos

    • Hi Kelly! It happens. I was up until 2am writing the blog and catching up from the day and it was raining so much. I pushed through and now that I am home I am catching up on sleep and preparing for the next adventure.

      Thank you so much for following!

  2. I am in Western Australia and have given you my address for a postcard. I am transported to Paris again with your words and pics. Thank you. Rochelle

  3. Bonjour! I am following you from Snoqualmie, Washington. Have a great last day in Paris and I hope you feel better soon 🙂 Tracy

    • Thank you Tracy! I am sure there is a lot of tea in my future but I won’t let it stop my last day in Paris.


  4. I’m in San Jose, California. I so enjoy your blog and your beautiful photography. Give Parts a big hug! I miss her!

  5. Hi, I’m from México, and I’ve been enyoing reading your posts. I’ll be in Paris in a few weeks, I was there on february, but this time I want to pretend I’m french! You know what I mean, try to pass my vacations like a local girl. Write more about places to eat!

  6. I just caught up on all your posts. Such a whirlwind of a trip! I do hope you feel better soon. Unfortunately I myself have caught a bad cold a few times when traveling overseas. I hope the flight back home is as comfortable as it can be. I would love to get a postcard from Paris! I make it a point of sending myself one home on every one of my trips. It would be fun to get one from someone other than myself 🇫🇷❤️🇫🇷❤️😉

    • Thank you Amy! I know there are so many posts AND so much more to share. It’s been a really fun adventure. If you can send me your mailing address to [email protected] I will pop a postcard in the mail to you tomorrow. I really appreciate all of your support!