Paris Diaries : 5 Things I have not done in Paris this trip

Last night I spent the evening with my Paris family plus another family from Chicago. If you read My Paris Agenda this was a priority for me. They are the loveliest people and it was so fun to catch up, share stories and laugh over a great meal. 

Time seems to be going fast here. I wish I could stay longer so I am really happy when I am able to enjoy every little moment. There is still so much I want to see and do but as I reflect back on this time there are a few things I haven’t done this trip. Living in Paris is very different from visiting and I highly recommend it. I will share more about that in future posts. But here are 5 things I haven’t done yet in Paris this trip that may surprise you.

1. Eat a macaron at Ladurée – this seems to be high up on people’s lists when they visit Paris. Macaron are great, but I would much rather have a tarte citron, chocolate mouse, or tarte framboise any day of the week. 

2. Walk the Champs Elysée – I am living on the opposite side of Paris so it hasn’t been on the top of my list. I think of it as Times Square or Michigan Ave in Chicago. There is one of my favorites Chez Andre for dinner not too far which I hope to visit for dinner sometime soon.

3. Shop – I packed Spring clothes so I am itching for a sweater or warmer clothes for sure but I have avoided most stores just because I have spent my time elsewhere. I am hoping to pick up a dress or two for Summer that will be something different from the stores back home. *I did buy two scarves which were life savers on these cold Parisian Spring days. 

4. Watch the Eiffel Tower Sparkle. It is usually something I do the first night or two but I just haven’t made it over at night yet. I did say hello to Madame Eiffel during the day when I met a friend for coffee. In all honesty, I believe she helps pay my bills as a Paris Photographer so she gets a special visit each trip. 

5. Spend time at the Louvre/Tuileries – I have walked through on my way to Palais Royal if that counts! I do have a museum pass I am itching to use and may break it in today. I have a few things on my agenda including two trips planned outside of Paris so I want to make sure I cross the museums I want to see off my list. Suggestions are welcome. 






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  1. I was just in Paris two weeks ago and was able to check off everything on your list. Laduree was great, but pastries are so fantastic in France that it’s almost more fun to discover a shop off the beaten path.

    • That is so good to hear! Yes, I agree there are so many pastry shops. I do still wonder how the French don’t get fat. The more I am here the less I want to eat the pastries because I see them every day. The bread on the other hand is still something I eat daily! 😉

  2. Not sure of your museum preferences, but I really enjoyed musee des arts et metiers and musee de la chasse et de la nature during my last trip. Both were such a unique experience.

  3. I couldn’t agree more, there is nothing like a good lemon or rasberry tart…well, a vanilla eclair from Stohrer is up there on my list!!

    • I may have to go just for you! I will be over in St Germain on Friday I will see if I can pop in.

    • It is freezing here right now. Who would have thought? I hope I can pick up a few Summer dresses once the weather breaks. I will add it to my list for you once I start shopping around!

  4. I’ve never visited Laduree too, there are so much other things to do and see in Paris. Sometimes I love to discover unknown places…

    • exactly! There is so much more to discover than just the obvious top 10 spots. Plus some places have better pastries 😉

    • exactly! I am really just loving being without doing much! I never imagined it would be this way. Thank you! Miss you!