Paris Diaries: The Art of Saying No

You may have remembered me telling you I was the queen of over scheduling. It is an art I have perfected over the years. I think as Americans we learn it at a young age. How much can we actually pack in one day to make sure we are efficient? I have learned a lot about myself while living in Paris over the years. Some lessons repeat themselves over and over until I have learned my lesson. There is one thing I am finally learning. It may seem simple, but I am finally learning to say “no” 

Recently a friend canceled a meeting with me and tried to reschedule for another day. In My Paris Agenda I decided to not schedule more than one meeting a day. I have failed with sometimes having two or three but I am trying to find a balance. But I finally said “no” I didn’t give an explanation, I didn’t need to. We found another day that worked for both of us and immediately the guilt and pressure was gone. I had time for myself to explore museums in Paris and I will be able to focus on our meeting later this week.

Tonight I uncommitted myself to another meeting once the dates did not line up for our schedules. I have to say it feels so good. As there are only two weeks left of this adventure I am feeling overwhelmed with everything I want to do. The creativity is back in full force and as I meet new people and connect with old friends and business contacts the ideas are piling up. I am putting them all down in my journal and plan on sharing more once I return to the states. 

Have you tried saying no and setting boundaries? 

Oh and in case you are wondering what museums I visited, The D’Orsay, Rodin, and L’Orangerie. It was pouring rain and I found museum jumping was the best way to spend the afternoon. I still have a few more on my list to visit this trip!

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  1. I am catching up on your posts so prepare for a few comments haha. 1) I love the photos in this entry. Gorgeous! 2) The art of saying "no" seems to be a common topic amongst younger people. There is this pressure to seem busy all the time. I try to say "no" about various things and, as you said, the key is to not always provide a reason why. We don’t need to justify! However, I have no problem having down time. To me, that time is already precious so I never feel guilty when I’m not doing anything particularly efficient. I don’t think we were meant to be constantly thinking and stressing out 24/7.

  2. Oh yes, say no is so difficult some times, but once you made it you feel free and so much good at long term.

    • exactly! I am realizing I don’t need to be busy every single second of the day. Quiet time is very good too!