What to Pack for Paris in The Winter

paris in the winter

Earlier this year I posted What to Pack for Paris in the Autumn and I hope it was a big help for people as they were preparing for their trip. For those of you who are headed to Paris for Christmas, New Year’s or early next year, I hope you will enjoy these helpful tips on what to pack. 

I have been to Paris a few times in January and February. The weather can be cold and damp so be prepared. The terraces are heated if you do want to sit outside. Fair warning, if they are enclosed they will let people smoke here during the Winter. 

If you didn’t hear the news, I will be back in Paris this January, so this is a good way to start preparing for my upcoming trip. 

Coat/Sandro Scarf/Jcrew   Bag/Longchamp

Coat/Sandro Scarf/Jcrew Bag/Longchamp


I love these boots by Blondo because they are waterproof. I have been caught in the pouring rain in Paris more times than I can count and these have been a life saver. Instead of the normal rain boots we are used to in The States, these are a bit more stylish. I love them in the knee high boots (they are on sale) and the ankle booties as well. ( I own the grey and black) 

You are going to need a warm coat for Paris in the Winter. I purchased mine at Sandro while in Paris. If you are visiting in January/Early February you can hit the Sales you might have a good chance of picking up a good coat but you should bring one with you. You never know the weather. A Classic Trench is always a good idea because there is always a chance of rain in Paris even on the days when it isn’t scheduled. 

Classic Black is always my go to. I personally LOVE this one from Cuyana and add accessories in whatever color you wish. If you want to go blush pink, I love this coat from Club Monaco

Winter Accessories including Scarves, Gloves and Hats are Essentials when traveling to Paris in the Winter. I am not the biggest hat person because my head is so small but I have always brought a hat to Paris in the Winter and I am so glad I did. My ears get so cold walking around. You can easily pick up a scarf for under 30 euros at BHV or Galleries Lafayette if you want to pick up a souvenir from Paris. They both will have outposts downstairs in the entry way with tons of colorful options. I like to pick up a new one in a different color to add to my collection. I am all about the blanket scarf right now. It is extremely warm and it can be used on the plane/train to keep warm too. 

I always recommend traveling with a small wallet for euro coins. I prefer to leave my big wallet and valuables back at the apartment or in the hotel safe and travel with a few euros, my ID, and a credit card just in case I find something I can’t live without. I prefer to pay with euros vs a bank card so I take out money at my affiliate bank or bring euros along with me from the US. I love the wallets from Cuyana but any small wallet will do the trick. Keep this in your zipped bag for safe keeping. Don’t miss my 10 Safety Tips for Traveling Paris

Sweaters are essential during Paris in the Winter. I remember, I traveled two years ago during January and I kept wearing my warmest sweater every day. It was SO cold. If you are traveling in a carryon I like to pack the heaviest sweater for the plane. It is normally chilly and it saves space. I also like to pack a comfy café sweater. By that, I mean something that will be cozy to sit at a café and read a book or sip a coffee on a very cold Winter day. 

Stay hydrated in the Winter by using hand creams, lip balms, and masks. You can pack yours for Paris or pick some up at a local Pharmacie. I always stock up on my favorites when I am in Paris. This Sisley Lip Balm has been a life saver. I have at least one hand cream around at all times. My hands get so dry. 

For travel accessories, I love my Cuyana bags that just make life easier when it comes to packing. I also love the ease of my Raden bag that has a built in charger. Chances are my battery is running low by the time I land. I love to pack an extra longchamp bag just in case I need to use it as a carryon if I buy something I can’t live without. 

If you have the opportunity to travel to Paris in the Winter, I hope you take the chance. It is one of my favorite times to visit Paris. The city is a lot more quiet, and the trees are bare so you can see more of the city. Don’t miss the top view of the eiffel tower and rooftops from the top of Montmartre. I will be doing a follow up post about what to do in Paris in the Winter so stay tuned. If you have any questions feel free to comment below or shoot me an email. xo 

This post does include affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant research. Merci!

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  1. wife and i heading to paris december 17th to december 23 then train to munich then train to frankfurt to fly out december 28th……any suggestions on what to pack for men? thank you — love your blog/site!!!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful blog.
    I am a culinary nutrition expert
    I live in Florida and inherited a place in Paris in the 7 th. I am heading there at the end of January. I would love to share food
    pictures if you are interested. I love your blogs thank you

    • My pleasure! Enjoy it all. The magic and energy of the city during Christmas is such a great thing to experience.

  3. Ooh! I have just returned fromWinter in Paris and all of the above are so true! It was my second winter trip to Paris and while the cold and grey clouds and rain are a challenge, I enjoy the relatively empty streets and the untouristy feel! Will read your next post about things to do in Winter with interest !

    • Thank you, Zohra! I hope you had a great trip regardless of the weather. I love the empty streets and untouristy feel. It is what keeps me going back! What did you enjoy most about your trip?