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The last couple of days I have spent in South Florida with my family. Emma and I have been collecting shells, building sand castles and playing in the ocean. It has been great to sit under the umbrella and relax a bit. I have been loving this suit from JCrew and a hat is necessary with this sun. I have been reading Bonjour Kale and taking a break from work a bit. I have a few projects to finish before the end of the year and I also have to do a recap. I am thinking a mix of my favorite photos, meals, and hotel stays. This year has been packed and I don’t know how to break it down. As I think back on this past year I am also thinking about how quickly it went by. 

under the umbrella florida

While I am away the print shop is still open and I will be shipping as soon as I am back in Chicago next week. I am trying not to think about the cold so much and just soak up the sun as much as possible. 

florida beach photo @rebeccaplotnick

seashells @rebeccaplotnick florida singer island

singer island florida @rebeccaplotnick

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