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This year has been jam-packed with work and travel adventures. As you may know, already I am not the best sleeper. I can’t sleep without a sleep mask which is a habit I started on my first flight to London in 2003. The last month has been one of my busiest months of the year between my holiday show and shipping out orders in the print shop

All I really want for Christmas/Holidays is to sit around in my soft clothes and watch movies and hang out with my family. I picked up a few things from Splendid before I left. I swear they have the softest cotton and it was a motivator to finish my holiday season. Yesterday was Christmas and our agenda was filled with holiday parties and spending time with extended family.

Today we head to the beach in Florida for a little staycation. My Dad turns 70 at the end of the year and since my sister has a 3-month-old we didn’t want to travel far. My 3-year old niece is very much like me and has been begging all morning to get to the hotel and head to the beach. I am looking forward to naps on the beach, swimming in the pool, and catching up on my reading. 

I have learned I have two modes either full speed ahead or stop. I haven’t stopped in quite a while which caused me to get sick a few more times than I care to admit this year. 

I am hoping to do a recap of my year before the end of the year which gives me a few more days. Next year will be filled with a lot of fun for both you and me and I can’t wait to share more. But until then this is what is on my kindle for my beach reading. 

What are your holiday plans?


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