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how to style a coffee table @everydayparisian

Parisian apartments are known for being compact. It is typical for Parisians to spend most of their time at the local café with friends over coffee or a glass of wine rather than in their homes. Parisians are smart when it comes to their wardrobes and also their use of space in their apartments. The main focus of any living room comes down to two pieces: the coffee table and the couch. A coffee table can we well styled in a few easy steps and with a Parisian theme you can have your living room feeling French in no time. 

How to Style a Coffee Table @everydayparisian

Step 1:

Fresh flowers or a plant. In Paris the Winter months can be especially gray. This is also true in Chicago where we are based so adding a little touch of something fresh goes a long way. White roses are perfect in the winter months. We also love lilies, ranunculus, and peonies depending on the season. 

how to style a coffee table @everydayparisian

Step 2 :

Add a fresh scented candle to your coffee table. We love Diptyque Candles specifically the Baies and Rose candle. Add some matches for a pop of color. 

How to Style a Coffee Table @everydayparisian

Step 3: 

Parisians love to read and there is no shortage of book shops around Paris. Add some French themed coffee tables to add a Parisian touch to your coffee table. Here are a few of our favorites.

How to Style a Coffee Table @everydayparisian

Step 4: 

A catchall or decorative accessory. We love a small dish to collect our euros or keys. Something small and decorative. We also love the touch of a Laduree box on our coffee table which is perfect for hiding match books. Some of our favorite catchalls here:

Step 5: 

A tray to collect all of your items and keep them neat and organized. We love this simple white tray from West Elm 

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