Beauty : 10 Products to Keep your Skin Hydrated this Winter

french beauty products to stay hydrated

I will admit, I am a beauty cream junkie! That’s the first step, right? I have super dry skin and living in Chicago with sub-degree temperatures doesn’t help.  I am sharing some of my favorite French beauty products that are available in the States so there is no passport or hefty plane ticket required. I have taken the guess work out for you as these are all products I have tried and LOVED! Over the years I have hauled back numerous jars and creams from Paris and these are my favorites. Narrowing it down to ten was tough but this should keep you hydrated until Spring rolls around.

french beauty products for winter

1. Sisley Eye Contour Mask – The number one thing I pack in my carry-on when I fly. It keeps your under eyes hydrated and the dark circles away. I put this on before I fly and I always wear a sleep mask. A little goes a long way! 


2. Caudalie Moisture Mask – This is also one great for flying. Technically you are supposed to remove it after 10 minutes or so but I use it as a deep moisturizer and leave it on when I fly. I don’t wear makeup and stay super hydrated by drinking lots of water. You can rub this one in until there isn’t any white on your face and no one will know. You can also wear this at night. 

3. Caudalie Oil – I use this every night year round. I never thought in a million years I would but oil on my face but it works great. I wake up with a glow and my skin doesn’t hurt or feel dry from the cold air. 

4. Nuxe Oil – This can be used on your body and gives an extra glow to freshly tanned legs in the Summer. You will find this in every beauty drug store in Paris. They have small travel sizes too.


5. Bioderma Water – I stopped washing my face with water years ago and got hooked on the thermal water in Paris. I use a cotton swap and it not only cleans off the dirt from the day but also great at removing makeup. They also have wipes that are perfect for traveling and you can throw them in your bag. 

6. Caudalie Lip Balm – I have mentioned this before but I will repeat this one because I swear by it. It’s my #1 favorite product and is in every one of my bags. I stock up when I am in Paris but you can buy it online or the Caudalie shops. 

7. For Moisturizer, there are two that I absolutely love. The Caudalie Sherbert it comes in three different strengths depending on how much moisture you need which is great. I have one for Summer and one for Winter. I also love the Sisley Cucumber moisturizer. It smells so good and keeps my skin hydrated. I mix a little with my foundation in the morning for a dewy glow.

8. Sisley Body Exfoliant – Exfoliating is key when it comes to keeping hydrated in the Winter. I love this one by Sisley for my body. It smells so good too. You can use this year round! A more budget friendly one is this one by Caudalie 

9. Bioderma Lotion – After exfoliating keeping the body hydrated by a great lotion is necessary. I fell in love with this one from Bioderma when I lived in Paris and it’s a staple after a shower.

10. Cristophe Robin Hair Mask – Let’s not forget about our hair. When I am in the shower I use this Christophe Robin mask. I will throw my hair up in a topknot while I exfoliate or shave while the mask sits and hydrates my hair. I also am in love with the rose spray for after the shower before I blow dry. It smells so good! 

French Beauty products to stay hydrated



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