20 Steps to Recreate a Summer in France

20 ways to recreate a summer in France @everdayparisian

Overwhelmed with wanderlust? Longing to explore? Ready to discover your joie de vivre? We’ve got the cure for you!

While a trip to France might not be in the cards for everyone this summer, there are plenty of ways you can recreate the feeling of a French summer in your own hometown. Forget eating a croissant and wearing a beret, this is what native French will be doing this season!

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1. Treat yourself to a spa day – Summer is a time for short skirts and sandals. Ring in the new season with a full body exfoliation, a facial, and a pedicure, too. 


2. Ride a bike – Take a leisurely spin around the park, or use your two wheels as a mode of transportation. Either way, you’ll be riding in style! (Option: basket filled with a baguette)

@everydayparisian Paris bike on Ile St Louis

3. Revamp your wardrobe – Out with the old, in with the new. Make sure that everything in your summer wardrobe is in good condition and you’re still smitten with it. Has your style developed since las summer? Eliminate what you can to make room for new pieces. 

4. Take a day trip – Busy Parisians can’t always afford to take long vacations. Make the most of your warm, carefree summer months by taking quick day trips to nearby cities that strike your fancy.

5. Attend a festival – Cinema festivals are all the rage in France. Jump on the bandwagon by attending a music or arts festival near you.

6. Drink an apéritif – An apéritif is an essential pre-dinner cocktail. Rosé wine, anyone?


@everydayparisian @rebeccaplotnick

7. Update your beauty regimen – A change in weather calls for a change in skin care. Go for lightweight lotions, a soft makeup palette, and a refreshing eu de toilette.

8. Peruse a flea market – Search for treasures at your local flea market this summer. It takes time and focus to uncover incredible finds, but you’ll be rewarded with a one of a kind piece and the thrill of discovery.

@everydayparisian @rebeccaplotnick

9. Picnic in the Park – Gather a selection of fine cheeses, fresh fruits, a baguette, a few friends and head to the park. Bon appétit! 

@everydayparisian @rebeccaplotnick

10. Sit at a café – It doesn’t matter if you’re sipping a cappuccino or just people watching, sitting at a café is a way to be present and appreciate your surroundings. Don’t forget to unplug your phone – after you take a shot for Instagram of course…

@rebeccaplotnick @everydayparisian

11. Indulge in ice cream – The rumors are true. Even the fittest French women enjoy a delicious dessert at the end of a meal. During the summer, they swap decadent chocolate mousse for a colorful cone of gelato. What flavor will you be having?

@everydayparisian @rebeccaplotnick

12. Garden – Whether you’re sowing seeds in a garden or a window box, the French love to embellish their summer meals with homegrown herbs – fruits and veggies too, if they’re lucky!

13. Visit an art museum – France is known for its world class museums, but beautiful art can be found locally as well. Take a day to live the cultured life, it’s sure to be an enjoyable and educational experience.

@everydayparisian @rebeccaplotnick

14. Do a DIY project – Refashion old furniture, repurpose a flea market find, or challenge yourself in the kitchen. When the weather heats up, stay in and get creative!

15. Swim – You certainly don’t need a beach vacation to take a refreshing swim. Head to your nearest backyard oasis, rooftop pool, or fitness center and dive in.

16. Discover a new inspiration – When the pace of life slows down during the summer, it’s the perfect time to find a new source of inspiration. Maybe it’s a hobby, a magazine, or a person with a fresh outlook.

17. Explore an unknown part of town – Everyone is prone to get stuck in their ways. So challenge yourself to get out, explore, and learn something new.

18. Play pétanque – A combination of bocce ball and horseshoes, pétanque is played by people of all ages in France during the summer. Set up a playing field in your own yard, your whole family will love this fun game!

19. Read a book – You know that stack of books you’ve been saying you’ll get to since the winter holiday? Now’s the time to pick one up and start reading. Check out our reading list for Every Day Parisian

@everydayparisian @rebeccaplotnick

20. Go to the beach – During the summer, the French head to the nearest seaside town. The French Riviera is a ritzy high-end choice, but Normandy is a lovely destination, too! 

@everydayparisian @rebeccaplotnick

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  1. It’s on, backyard Paris… I already have the old rusty bike basket so I guess that means I’m officially ready!?