Style Spotlight: Stripes

@everydayparisian @rebeccaplotnick style spotlight stripes

What began as a military uniform is now one of the most chic articles of clothing you can own… behold, the striped shirt! Also known as the Breton Stripe, this pattern hit the mainstream after being worn by the French navy in the 1850’s. The design was originally a white boat neck shirt with long sleeves and 21 navy stripes to represent each of Napoleon’s victories. 

Inspired by her visits to the French coast, Coco Chanel channeled her love of the striped shirt’s simplicity into designing a striped top of her own for her nautical collection in 1917. In the decades following, the striped shirt would be seen on the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Pablo Picasso, Brigitte Bardot, Andy Warhol, and Marilyn Monroe. The clean look of a striped shirt, and the timeless look that works on lovers of minimalism and extravagance alike, is one of the world’s most beloved wardrobe staples.

In fashion today, there are endless variations of the striped shirt; varied sleeve lengths, necklines, stripe width, and colors gives us many options when picking one of these classic tops for ourselves. Below, we’ve featured Every Day Parisian’s founder, Rebecca, in a few of our favorite striped shirts. Make sure to check out the links below to see other variations of this top that we can’t get enough of!

@everydayparisian @rebeccaplotnick style spotlight stripes

@everydayparisian @rebeccaplotnick

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