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Delicious Days in paris @everydayparisian

People often ask what my favorite thing to do in Paris is, the answer is simple I like to walk and get lost. Paris is filled with surprises around every corner and you can walk down the same street every day and discover something new. Change the time of the day and you might notice a different store front or a window box up above. I have visited Paris so many times I have lost count and 2013 called the city of lights home. Even after morning walks and night walks visit after visit, I am still discovering Paris. 

Jane Paech, the author of Delicious Days in Paris takes you through 14 walks through Paris. Each chapter a different walk highlighting the museums, markets, and of course the food. I highly recommend reading this book chapter by chapter as you would enjoying a nice meal. Digest is slowly piece by piece. It is packed with information on where to find the best hot chocolate, secret gardens, museums, and passage ways. Don’t worry you won’t have to take notes! After each chapter Jane gives you the names and addresses of each location she highlights. She even includes websites and any other helpful information you might need.

delicious days in paris @everydayparisian

I recommend reading on a full stomach or have something sweet to nibble on nearby. After reading Jane’s descriptive words on where to find the best confit de canard or to visit Pôlaine for a rustic apple tartlet your stomach will be rumbling and you will be itching to book a flight to Paris. 

Jane speaks as though you have been friends for years and you are coming along with her on a walk through Paris. She highlights spots along the way to meetings with friends and gives you invaluable tips you wouldn’t learn from reading the typical guide book on Paris. I felt I knew Paris pretty well after years exploring the streets but my list of places to explore is a mile long after reading Delicious Days in Paris. I can’t wait to arrive back in Paris with Delicious Days in Paris in hand to explore some of the new spots I have discovered.

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