Personal: A Recap of February 2017

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February is a short month but I feel it was jam packed! I stayed in Chicago a full two months. This is probably record breaking! I am a Travel Photographer by trade and I am typically on the go. There have been some good and bad results of being home. For me, I hate change but also I crave newness. If that makes any sense.  Once I get into a routine it’s hard for me to break it. It’s a form of comfort. We have all been there. Think of a relationship that is almost easier to be in than to be alone or search for another mate? I have been able to have a steady social calendar and see friends on a more regular basis while being home. I have really enjoyed this! I have also been able to update my apartment which is SUPER exciting for me. I made some small changes and even hung some art on the walls which makes all the difference when I am spending more time at home. I have run into a few times where I feel my life is too routine. My daily schedule and also what I eat for dinner. I think it is me itching to get out on the road again…

March will be filled with travel and while I am headed to Miami to visit my family. I get to see my niece and nephew which I am so excited about. We Facetime on a regular basis but I am looking forward to baking, dance parties, snuggles, and stories. I have even made a request for strawberry picking. We did this two years ago and it was so fun while the season was just starting so hopefully it will be even better now that Emma is a bit bigger. 

I will also head to Cuba at the end of the month. I turn 35 in about six weeks which is a bit crazy. I plan to post a little more about my birthday and plans for this next year. Cuba has been on my bucket list for years and as a photographer a true dream of mine to capture Havana before the city changes. I will be unplugged for about a week which will be so refreshing and I will have to journal on paper. It isn’t exactly Paris focused but I hope you still enjoy seeing Cuba through my eyes. 

This year I am challenging myself to go out of my comfort zone. It could be little things like last night I attended a blogger meetup by myself. I felt so uncomfortable I can’t even tell you! I know I host meetups and I give you all so much credit for coming on your own! But if one good thing happens like you meet a new friend, which was my intention then it all works out. I came home last night with a good idea that I immediately scribbled down so it wasn’t too bad in the end. (I will share more about that one later) As far as big actions and going out of my comfort zone that will happen in September which I have kept quiet because I am a bit nervous about it. I would love to challenge you all to join me on doing one thing big or small that goes out of your comfort zone. Feel free to email me or post in the comments below. 

I had a conversation with an old college friend this week. Robyn sent me a message about following my journey. We met when being a travel photographer/blogger wasn’t even an idea yet and her cookie company, Thumbs wasn’t on the radar as a career. Being an entrepreneur is hard work and it involves risks and challenges but it can also be so rewarding. I am telling you all this because one of the reasons I started this blog was to inspire and dream chase no matter how big or how small. So this is what I wrote her, “If the journey was easy and you didn’t make wrong turns it wouldn’t be any fun and you might end up at a destination far better than you ever expected” 

I could probably write forever but at risk of your attention span cutting off somewhere close by I am going to wrap this up with a recap of the popular post from the month:

How to order a Baguette (bookmark this one if you are headed to Paris this year) You can order a baguette on how you like it cooked. 

Links I love – this has been so fun to collect favorites from what I have read over the week. 

The Little Paris Bookshop – The Every Day Parisian Book Club Book. I cannot wait to share the details of next months. I just finished it last weekend and it’s so good! 

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Lastly, I wanted to up a little Q and A for me. I realized I haven’t done a proper introduction so I plan on doing that soon. But if you have any questions on Paris, on being an entrepreneur, blogging, personal, I am taking them all down and will do a roundup! I have already gotten a few through Facebook. You can email me directly at [email protected] or you can comment below. 

Thank you so much for following and I can’t wait to see what March brings! 

xo Rebecca



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  1. I’m so excited to hear you are going to Cuba!!!!! How amazing is that! I can’t wait to see all your pictures!! What an adventure 😃

    • Thank you! I am SO excited!! It will be one big adventure!! How long are you in Paris for?? I arrive in April. I hope to see you and or Nico!!