Beauty: What I Pack in My Cuyana Travel Bag

What I pack in My  Cuyana Travel Bag

What I pack in My Cuyana Travel Bag

Cuyana Travel Bag

Over the years I have learned to not only pack lighter but it is quality over quantity. When I lived in Paris I had one closet that was the size of my coat closet. Now in Chicago, I have four closets. There are two essentials I use when I travel, my cuyana travel bags which come in a set of two (I use one for toiletries and one for makeup) the other is my raden suitcase.  I haven’t traveled in two months but I am about to head into a crazy couple of months where I live out of my suitcase so I figured this is a perfect time to share my favorites and perhaps this will help you for your future trips.

This month I was lucky enough to the Sisley Box Ambassador. If you don’t know what it is, you are sent five samples from Sisley Paris that have a theme. This month was “at home spa” the samples come in a beautiful satin pouch and make the perfect travel companions. I have been a member of the Sisley Beauty Box for a few months now and I have been saving my favorite products for my travels. This means I can ease through security and never be without my favorite beauty products.

sisley beauty box subscription @rebeccaplotnick

Hydration is so important when traveling. I drink a ton of water when I am flying and rarely drink alcohol up in the air. I cannot live without the following in my travel bag:

Sisley Paris Eye Contour Mask – This is essential when traveling and keeps the under eye circles and puffy eyes to a minimum. Let’s be honest when I land in Paris I actually look like my passport photos!

Cucumber Moisturizer – I use this one year round and it smells so good too! The full-size jar fits perfectly in my cuyana bag so I don’t have to worry about not having enough. I use this morning and night. *note one jar will last 6 months

Sisley Mascara “So intense”  You have to see the brush on this one because it literally gets every little lash of mine. I was not blessed with crazy lashes but this has definitely helped make them look fuller. For the days that I don’t wear any makeup I still put this on and it makes a huge difference. So if you are traveling keep this in your bag for when you land and you will look bright and refreshed.

what i pack in my cuyana bag for traveling

Sisley Paris Phyto-Lip Twist – I carry this with me ALL the time and it adds a pop of color to my face even when I haven’t seen the sun in months (like now) I use this for meetings and date nights.

Sisley Tonic Lotion – After a long day of traveling having a refreshing toner is the best way to feel clean and remove the dirt and oil off of your face. I always pack cotton pads in my travel bag for toner, makeup remover, and applying my cleansing milk.

You may have noticed by now I love doing lists and this one ends at 5… but packing a fragrance is key in my travel bag. My friend Jennifer taught me to pack the sample size testers because they are perfect for travel! I just picked up the new Izia Sisley perfume it’s light and floral and perfect for Spring.

Cuyana is the brand that makes my favorite bag that I carry every day all day with me. I recently wrote about what I pack in my Cuyana

*Note: This was not a Sponsored post by either Cuyana or Sisley Paris. I personally use these brands and want to genuinely share them with you. The post does include affiliate links which provide me coffee and croissant money for Paris. Which you all know how much I love my coffee. Merci! xo

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  1. Awesome! Very complete Make up that you bring during the holidays, but you are very simple. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge about your beauty.

    • Yes!! It’s an addiction. I have 5 bags and counting!

      I hope you had a fabulous weekend and enjoyed the nice weather! xo