French Girl Beauty Secrets

I recently shot a project for my friends at Sisley Paris that was centered around French Beauty Secrets. I shot the entire project in my apartment which has a Parisian theme to it. It was a bit challenging and different than what I am used to, but it was a lot of fun. I finally got the Anthropologie Mirror I have been wanting all year, so I was able to put it to good use. 

If there is one thing I love more than croissants, it is beauty products. I have never really been into makeup that much. You may notice that I barely wear any. But when it comes down to it, skincare is SO important. Since living in Paris, it is the one thing that I bring back time after time. I am constantly trying new products and building on the ones I love. I have a morning routine and an evening routine, that involves a few steps to it. My sister has made fun of me more than a few times about all my beauty creams but I am hoping my routine helps me in the long run against aging. Feel free to comment below and share your must have beauty secrets (that is if you don’t mind sharing) 

I start each morning and evening with a clean swipe of Sisley Makeup Remover

This works really well for me in the Summer months when my skin isn’t as dry, but once Winter comes I prefer a Milk cleanser. There is a great one from Sisley or also caudalié has a great affordable option for $28. A little goes a long way. 

Under my moisturizer I use sunscreen and a serum. There is a great caudalié serum that I always stock up on. 

I switch between moisturizers depending on the season. I just finished my Black Rose Moisturizer from Sisley and will switch over to the L’Integral because it is thicker and my skin is SO dry. 

Along with the Black Rose Cream I have been hooked on using oil at night. You can use the oil alone or under moisturizer. I also use it when I fly to stay hydrated. There is one by Sisley and also one by Caudalié depending on your budget. 

My Mom recently called to Facetime at 6:30 AM, yes I know a bit early. Her first comment was how good I looked for just waking up. I swear it was the oil! I told her right away my secret and she begged for me to send her some. I know what her holiday gift will be this year 😉

As for the one thing I wear on all my dates, Izia. This was sent to me as a gift from Sisley this Summer. I have been wearing the same fragrance for years but it was recently discontinued so I have been on the hunt for a new one. I have worn this all Summer long and people stop be in the streets, in the elevator, and dates even ask me what I am wearing. I know that fragrance is very personal and it works differently on every person but this one really works for me. I am still single, but I am hoping Izia is going to be my good luck charm. 

A French Girl always has a red lipstick. I actually carry a few different ones in my bag for different occasions. I have always been a nude lip girl but I have been warming up to the red lip and I think the Sisley Twists make it much more approachable. Red Lipstick can be a bit much and I am always nervous it will end up on my teeth (which it has) I recently wore the Poppy (#13) out and I love #9 (this one I wear the most) and for a great red (#18) Try them out and see which works best for you. 

I will save what I carry in my makeup bag for a future post. 

One more thing, that I don’t mind sharing. A year ago I cut bangs, the first lady that cut them had me crying out the door (literally) But I have found two people that do a fabulous job with my cut including bangs and color. I call them the dream team. Siobhan Kelly and Demi Passaris at Spoke and Weal. If you are in Chicago they are fabulous! 

Photo by Carolina Caruso

Photo by Carolina Caruso

Above all else, hydration (water) and beauty rest are best. One of these days I will get more sleep and less coffee.

This is not a sponsored posts. All opinions are my own. This does include affiliate links which help put a little money in my pocket for coffee and croissant research. 

If you have a favorite beauty secret you would like to share, please comment below.

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    • Hi Caroline! I totally understand and if you read I put a more affordable option with the suggestions. I will say a little goes a long way so if there is one product you can invest in, you may be surprised that buying it once vs 4 times comes out even.

      I always appreciate your feedback! I am happy to help recommend products that might fit your budget better. Just shoot me an email [email protected]