Links I love : February Part Four

Watch this video to hear the pronunciation of your favorite French Brands. (spoiler alert the guys is pretty cute too) 

The photographers behind all of my Paris photos have shared a post on me including some of the photos we have taken over the years including the header in this post. 

How to Survive the Next 4 Years like a French Woman

My Domaine shares what to do in Paris from the classic Paris favorites to trendy spots including the hotel where all the Fashion bloggers are staying. 

The Best Baguette in Chicago goes to my friends at La Fournette. I am not exaggerating when I say you can find me here a few times a week. They know me by name 😉 I couldn’t be happier for them. Try the baguette but also the miche (sourdough) and the olive fougasse 

My fellow photographer friend Georgianna will debut a new book titled “Paris in Bloom” You can preorder it on Amazon 

I don’t watch TV much at all but one show my sister got me hooked on this year is “This is Us” If you watched this week’s episode you will find this sweet. Papa Pearson the Dad of “This is Us” writes a little tweet with an excuse to get out of work/school because this week was so good and so emotional.  

The Paris Print Shop is open! My photographs are available for purchase on the blog and I shop all over the world. 

The Classic French Woman Look : How not to smile in photos via My Little Paris

I have created a few Pinterest boards with Paris themes including this one. I also have an Every Day Parisian board and Paris decor inspiration

Spring Fashion:

I am headed to Miami and then to CUBA (surprise) next month so I have been actively searching for Spring dresses. They are slowly popping up but I am having to dig. To help you with the search process in case you are going somewhere warm in the near future.

These are some of my favorites:

This pink dress from JCrew is just my style along with this one from Anthropologie 

I don’t think I could want a jumper more than this one from Splendid

This dress couldn’t be more perfect for Cuba. It makes me want to salsa dance. 

In the spirit of the blog a few French inspired pieces: this shirt, You had me at Bonjour, and of course, a French girl can’t live without stripes

*This post does include affiliate links which provides me with coffee and croissant money for Paris. Merci! xo

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  1. Hi Rebecca! I love your blog. And it’s YOUR blog, you can write whatever you want, political or otherwise, with no apologies. 🙂

    • Hi Terri! Thank you so much! You are so sweet! I agree with you 😉 I really appreciate your support and all the love. Did you have a good weekend?!


        • skiing? Ok, now I am jealous. You know, I have never been skiing? Mine was good and a bit low key but I am learning to soak the quiet moments up before I start traveling!

    • My pleasure! I can’t wait for it to make its debut into the world. It will be a beautiful gift for all of us Paris lovers! xo

  2. I’m anxious to see your photos of Cuba and to hear what you thought about it. That’s on my list as one of the places I want to go. Are you going by yourself?
    Safe travels – looking forward to hearing about your trip.
    Jane Martin

    • Thank you! I am so excited and I can’t believe I kept it a secret this long. I am going on an organized trip and we don’t have our itinerary yet so I have no clue what is on the agenda. I will be planning to break off and shoot as much as possible! It’s been on my bucket list for years and as my 35 birthday is this year I couldn’t pass it up.