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Recently my friend Leyla asked me if I had ever written an introduction for the blog. This month the blog turns 8 months and I haven’t formerly introduced myself.  Forgive me! If you enjoyed the post 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Me you will enjoy this one! 

If you don’t know me from social media or Etsy, or personally you may have stumbled here accidentally but you should know a little about me. I would/could write a long story about my life but we will save that for another time. I hope this is a quick but fun introduction to who I am.

Name: Rebecca L Plotnick

Age : 36

Born: Cincinnati, Ohio

Currently lives in: Chicago

College: Indiana University

Places I have lived : Cincinnati, Bloomington, Florence, Paris, and Chicago. 

My First trip abroad was: Age 20 

Countries I have traveled to: 13 and counting including Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland

Bucket list Travel: Greece, Maldives, Thailand, Australia

Dream Job: Travel Photographer (mission accomplished)

When I was a kid I wanted to: own my own Luxury Hotel (now I work with them so it worked out in the end)

Favorite Food: sushi, pasta, and anything with chocolate.

I can’t live without: Paris, my family, chocolate, coffee, my camera.

The next thing I want to learn how to cook/bake: baguettes and croissants.

Favorite Arrondissement in Paris: I love the first and the seventh to visit but would prefer to live in the eighth or ninth. 

Am I fluent in French? Non. But I am working with an amazing French tutor.

Favorite Color: Baby Pink

Favorite Café in Paris: St Regis for sunsets, Cafe de Flore for coffee or people watching.

Favorite Park in Paris: Parc Monceau and Palais Royal.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Mocha Chip from Graeter’s in my hometown 

Favorite Season: Spring/Fall

Favorite Flower: Peonies 

Favorite French Pastry: tarte au citron or tarte framboise. 

Brands I have worked with: Pottery Barn, West Elm, Papyrus, Barnes and Noble, Indigo, Amazon and Target. Dream about seeing my work in Anthropologie

The thing I am most proud of: Building a business from nothing and being an Aunt.

I secretly wish to be a guest on The Today Show

Brands I wish to collaborate with on the blog: Le Creuset,  JCrew, Anthropologie, Kitchen Aid, and Air France

Goals/Wishes: To live in Paris again, To write a book (working on it) , and to be a Mom.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me better! I would love to know you more! Feel free to introduce yourself below in the comments and tell me where you follow from and something about you that makes you happy! 



P.S. Headed to Paris? Don’t miss my list of my favorite places to stay in the city.

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  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I love your images! I am a young photographer from Ohio, I am actually writing a paper about you for my Photography 3 class because I find your work inspirational and you have my dream job of being a travel photographer! I hope to have a career like yours in the future.

    Miranda Lyons

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    I love your blog from the first moments, and it’s only a few minutes ago. You speek, well better … write …, just right out of my heart.
    Hope you’ll make your dreams come true.
    See you in Paris 💜 Best city ever!

    • Julie,

      I am so happy you found me! Thank you so much for your sweet words. I hope all of your dreams come true too!!

      Best wishes and see you in Paris!


  3. Hi Rebecca,
    I have come across your photography several times over the past few months. Each time I thought to myself that I really loved a photo, I would see your name again! I just purchased your "Beach Days in Positano" from Pottery Barn for above my desk at work. My office mate & I can’t wait for it to arrive!
    Looking forward to reading your blog. I live in between Philadelphia & New York. Would love to come to a meet up sometime!
    Diana Lesh

    • Hi Diane,

      Thank you so much! I am so excited you chose " Beach Days in Positano" I currently have that one hanging above my bed and it makes me smile all the time. I hope you love it! If you don’t mind I would love to see a photo when it arrives!

      Please come for a meetup in NYC! I am planning something with a few authors. Once we schedule a date I will be sure to let you know.


  4. Hello!
    My name is Jordan Thomson and I love your instagram and website!
    I am following you from Milwaukee!
    Reading books and traveling make me happy. And knowing that one day I will visit Paris will makes me even happier.
    I am hoping to visit this year or the next!
    I am so excited to learn a lot on your website and I hope your dream of writing a book comes true! I would love to read it.
    Thank you for all that you do,

    • Hi Jordan!

      You are so sweet! Thank you! I hope you make it to Paris soon. I think you would love it! You will have tons of tips to help plan your trip.

      I would love for my book dream to come true and I would be happy to autograph it for you when it does 😉

      Come visit Chicago sometime! You aren’t too far! We do meetups in the city from time to time and it would be great for you to meet the Francophile community here!


  5. I am from New York, but have lived in North Carolina for the last 20 years.
    While I referred to "my boys", they are all in their 20’s!
    Sorry I’ll miss you in Paris. You mentioned Le District in NYC. I had breakfast there while visiting my son in December. Wonderful croque Madame.

    • Ellen, they will always be "your boys" no matter how old they are! Well, you never know when our paths might cross so keep in touch. I am hoping to do more meetups. I am dying to get to charleston I am not sure how close that is a drive for you. It’s not Paris related but I am intrigued.

  6. Hi Rebecca,
    I love your blog and your photography. I will heading back to Paris the first week of October. I’ll be bringing my 3 boys for their first visit. Hopefully they’ll love it as much as I do. Any chance that you’ll be there for a meet and greet?

    • Hi Ellen,

      You are so sweet! Thank you! What a lucky treat to bring your boys in October. How old are they? Paris is beautiful in October. I have spent the last 4 Octobers in Paris and this year I will be there in September for the first time. We will just miss each other! I would have loved to have met you and your boys. Where do you live?

  7. Hello I am Dale, a follower
    on instagram and just recently started reading your blog. My love of Paris started on a family trip to London and Paris, but was cemented when I randomly answered a job posting looking for interns on the Paris Craigslist. It just happened to Treize Bakery and the internship really didn’t work officially but I spent a month on a working vacation and I am going back in three weeks to do it again. I am a chef based in Maryland and have lived in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Sedona and Tucson.

    • Hi Dale!

      I have peeked into Treize but never tried anything because it seemed too much like an American bakery in Paris. Sorry, it didn’t work out for you! I hope that this next trip will be fabulous! Paris has a funny way of making opportunities happen if you keep your mind open to them.

  8. Enjoy reading your blog! I am a New York City-based television spokesperson and lifestyle expert. Travel – especially to Paris or London – will always make me happy!

    Amy Sewell
    IG and Blog @amysewellstyle

    • Hi Amy! Thank you so much! I am planning a meetup in NYC this Summer so I hope you will stop by so I can meet you in Person. Any favorite Paris spots in NYC you like to visit? I wish we had a Maison Kayser in Chicago!


      • Rebecca, that would be lovely! There are so many fabulous French restaurants in our Upper East Side ‘hood – Jacques, Orsay, Cafe d’Alsace, the new AOC East, etc. We do have a Maison Kayser just a block away as well. They are opening so many locations, I hope they make it to Chicago for you soon!

        • I know the Orsay but I don’t know the other ones you mentioned. Have you been to Le District? I wrote Maison Kayser a fan email begging them to come to Chicago I am still waiting for a reply! Keep in touch and I will let you know about Summer meetup dates! xo