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This Weekend I am officially on Auntie Duty. I arrived yesterday and I have been spending time with my niece and nephew. We are celebrating two birthdays. Bobby is turning one and Emma recently turned four! There will be two birthday parties, lots of kids, and a cake. I always say that being an Auntie was the best gift my sister has given me. It is a true joy to be part of Bobby and Emma’s life.

I have been here for 24 hours and I am exhausted! I give parents SO much credit! I really don’t know how you do it. It is so much work. We are lucky they are cute right?

In the first 24 hours, I read Emma 15 books most of them being Princess stories. I never went through the Princess phase so I just don’t get it. Plus I hate reading stories to her about being rescued by Prince Charming. I wrote a post about it earlier this year. I am all about being the hero of your own story. Does anyone have book suggestions for a 4-year-old girl? Please comment below or email me.

Emma loves to cook (see above photo) My Mom got her these adorable cookie cutters from Williams Sonoma We typically bake something together when I visit. Chocolate cookies are my specialty with the family but we all have a sweet tooth around here. Emma is working on spelling hence the “Auntie” word but she wanted to keep going and use ALL the letters. She loves the movie Ratatouille and thinks I am her chef.

Emma saw me unpacking the first night and thought I was packing to go home. She woke up the next morning for school and over breakfast came down with a “tummy ache” since she has two birthday parties this weekend my sister thought it was best for her to stay home. After a little time we realized Emma was worried I wasn’t going to be home when she got back to school! So she pretended to be sick to stay home “sick” from school. While I had a lot of work to catch up on I couldn’t play during the day. She turned to my sister and asked to do something “fun” we knew that she had us both fooled on the “tummy ache” It could have been that she was worried about be not being here when she was home. Either way, she totally won us over on the cuteness factor. Way to go Em!

Bobby is starting to walk and he is into everything! I keep in touch as much as possible and visit often. We facetime at least once a week so he is used to seeing me. When I arrived he didn’t want anything to do with me which was pretty sad but typical for his age. This morning Bobby ran to me and gave me the biggest HUG! It was heaven.

My sister has asked me not to share photos of the kids for privacy reasons so that is why you never see their faces. 

This weekend we will celebrate my niece and nephew together as a family. We are so lucky to have these adorable little people.

What are your weekend holiday plans?

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  1. Rebecca, you might have more success taking generic Maxalt for your migraines. You can take it WITH the Excedrin. My wife takes it and the recent medical literature supports it being the best overall medication for headach relief due to migraines. Good luck

  2. You may never get the apology that you hope to have. I know this from my own personal experience with a toxic family member. But no matter what, be proud of yourself for having the courage to speak your truth. Rebecca, you are a strong woman and I wish you all the best.

    • Thank you Mary! This is very true with toxic people. I just need to accept what I have gotten and make peace with it. I will stay strong and I am so lucky to have such supportive and encouraging readers!

  3. Your dad should be SUPER proud of you. I don’t understand when parents have the gift of being a parent how they cannot be 100% supportive of what ever their children to it just amazes me being a person who is never the gifted children -I see people take that gift for granted-you are amazing! 🎉

  4. I’m glad you stood up for yourself and told your father, in person not through a text message, how you feel. I hop you received that apology. You need to live your life, not one chosen for you or one to please someone else even your father. You need to do what makes you happy. Hopefully your father will come around to see how successful you are and more importantly how happy you are with your life as you have chosen it.