Personal: Apartment Update


White walls are complete along with a new rug and the biggest change is I started hanging my own art. How and Why did I wait so long? 

My apartment is a mixture between flea market finds and purchased pieces. The mirror was from a flea market which was originally a frame and added a mirror. Total cost was around $100. While I really wanted this Anthropologie mirror and still do there is really no need to add it right now. 

The chest was passed down from a few friends over the years. I painted it white when I moved and it has made this corner into one of my favorites. My bathroom is just opposite so I can check out my outfits in a full length mirror before leaving the house. 

The two framed pieces have been sitting unframed for way too long until yesterday. The small one is from my friend Jason Fricke and the other piece is by French Words. 


The frames I used were a mixture of gold and black from West Elm. The 8×10 size is only $14. This isn’t the final gallery wall as I have a few pieces that need to be filled in the empty frames. The peonies just didn’t sit right with me so I changed it out with one that really makes me smile. I can’t wait until the wall is finished. But I already feel like adding a few more pieces. My favorite one so far is the Paris window which is sentimental. It really fits nicely in the gold frame.

I will post the wall when it is finished. I am hoping to do a home tour. Thoughts? I need to work on the bathroom and kitchen next. The kitchen needs the most work it probably bugs me the most out of the whole apartment. I use it often but is outdated. I ordered new hardware for the cabinets and I am adding open shelving above the stove. It needs to be painted too! 

The apartment is in the middle of Chicago but it really has a Parisian feel. I am already much happier at home. A huge thank you to my friend Kat for helping me hang the gallery wall. The frames would have sat in my closet for another 6 months if she didn’t help. 

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  1. I cannot believe you do not live in Paris. Totally suprised when I read you are in Chicago !
    Anyway this is a great place where you live. xx

    • Hi Audrey,

      I split my time between the two cities but spend more time in Chicago. Where are you from?

      Thank you for reading! xo

  2. Great decorating inspiration! I’ve been wanting to change my gallery wall it’s from 7 years ago. I did add the your clock photo you gave in an order of mine. I like the color you have added with the black/white photos. I love your bridge photo, blanking on the name… ridiculous as I’m staring at a photo of me on that bridge on my wall.

    • Thank you! I am so happy you like the clock photo too. It is one of my favorites. I am glad you like the color with black and white mixed in. The wall is almost finished just waiting on a few more photos!

      I hope you can give your wall a refresh this Fall it always feels good to change things up!

    • Thank you! The minute the walls were painted I started to like the couch again. It was throwing me off and the rug balances it perfectly

  3. I love what I can see of your place too, it looks like you get some nice natural light. That’s something I’ve never really had in an apartment here. I like all of the soft, neutral tones, they’re calming.

    • Thank you! I signed the apartment on all of the natural light. I have 4 huge windows that cover almost the entire wall that look out. I love the light but come 5:30 in the morning it can get bright in the Summer but watching the sun rise is priceless

  4. It is simply beautiful! For a moment I thought I was in the heart of Paris! Love your photographs. Thank you for sharing.

    • You are so sweet! That is the best compliment. Thank you so much! It has a very Parisian vibe and makes me happy. I can’t wait to share more.