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ballet flats @rebeccaplotnick

The ballet flat is essential in every French girl’s wardrobe. They go with everything from jeans, skirts, and dresses.  If you have ever tried you know walking in heels on the cobblestones and uneven streets in Paris can be near impossible in heels. You will rarely see Parisians out and about in heels unless it’s for an evening out. Flats are the best way to get around Paris and I stumbled upon my favorite pair a few years ago. I have literally walked them into the ground and bought more because I love them so much. There are so many options for flats including another favorite Repetto and Bloch. I have tried so many flats and have a variety of colors in my closet the Yosi Samara ones have proven to be the most comfortable for walking in Paris and NYC.

You might remember they were included in my Paris Diaries post on what to pack for Paris

paris diaries ballet flats @rebeccaplotnick

When I am not in Paris, I still wear them all the time! They come in so many different colors but the black is classic and traditional and goes with just about everything!

paris ballet flats rebecca plotnick

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  1. I had a pair of the Yosi Samara flats. I loved them at first but after walking in them extensively, they started to hurt my heels (I live in NYC and walk a lot). To date, the most comfortable pair I have ever worn are Tieks. They are comfortable everywhere – the heel, the sole, the top of the foot – and I wore mine literally every day for 5 months. I’m on my fourth pair. I highly recommend these flats for people that walk a great deal.