French Finds at Trader Joes

french finds at trader joes everyday parisian
I have been shopping more often at Trader Joe’s than in recent years and I was surprised at how many French items the store carried. Trader Joe’s French butter is the best! Enjoy discovering all the products mentioned in this post and treat it like a scavenger hunt challenge all over the store. If I missed an item that you think should be included in this post please comment below. Some of these products have been discontinued or are seasonal items so you will only see them in certain parts of the year.

I hope this inspires you to rediscover your local Trader Joe’s and find your own French finds on a budget.

Update! If you read the original post, there are more French Finds below plus notes on some items on things I learned while continuing this series.

Trader Joe’s Dry Aisle

I have heard they have a baguette at Trader Joe’s but my local one didn’t look too hot so I skipped it. I have heard other stores have different types of baguettes. Don’t skip this, just take a look and see if it looks good. There is a frozen option below that I mention.


I love these pickles that I find at the French grocery store. They were $2.69 and perfect for sandwiches or a charcuterie board.

french finds at trader joes everyday parisian

Trader’s Joes Dijon Mustard

This is great for sandwiches but also for making salad dressings. It was $1.69 (this may be higher now) The dijon mustard is hard to find in France but still available in the US. Stock up as it lasts a good year unopened.

french finds at trader joes everyday parisian

I recently discovered these delicious caramels that are made from French sea salt. I have had these multiple times in France and they will bring you back with one bite.

Trader Joe’s Frozen Aisle

There were so many items to discover in the Frozen aisle. There were a few different styles of quiche. I ended up bringing two home to try. It heated up in the oven quickly and was a good weeknight meal option.

Trader Joe’s Quiche

french finds at trader joes everyday parisian

french finds at trader joes everyday parisian

The French onion soup didn’t look like it was made in France, but if you don’t feel like making the real thing from scratch this is an alternative. I didn’t take this one home since I make my own.

french finds at trader joes everyday parisian

Trader Joe’s Croissants

I ended up buying both the chocolate croissants and the mini croissants. I think they are a good option when you can’t make it to France especially on a cold day in winter or fall. It’s a fun thing to wake up to on a weekend. Cupcakes and Cashmere wrote a whole post on them here. Prices for the chocolate croissants were $4.79 and the mini croissants are $4.49.

I know a lot of people asked my opinion on these. The kitchen smelled AMAZING. They were good and definitely a good fix if you can’t get to Paris or you don’t have a bakery close by. I am trying to eat healthier so after tasting them, I passed on finishing them. Kids would love them and just add a little jam and it’s a winner.

french finds at trader joes everyday parisian
Chocolate croissants were great. They need to be proofed overnight so you need to plan ahead. I skipped the egg wash but they would have been way better with it. Don’t skip it! Brioche French toast is always a good weekend breakfast option.

Trader Joe’s Macarons

I have heard great things from readers about their frozen French macarons. They aren’t my favorite sweet treat so I didn’t bring them home but worth a try if you love them.

french finds at trader joes everyday parisian

french finds at trader joes everyday parisian

I have heard a lot of great things about the puff pastry for $3.99. This one uses butter and is imported from France. I have been using an organic option at my local grocery store that I keep in the fridge. Update! This is a seasonal item and is only found around the holidays. I highly suggest stocking up in December if you want to use it throughout the year. It will keep in the freezer.

I did buy this Brie Cheese and Tomato Tarte that is made in France. I have not tried it yet, I will report back. If you have tried it, please feel free to comment below.

Frozen baguettes. I discovered these on one trip and I came back to grab them on a second trip. I wanted to try them out. They are very mini. I still keep the rest of the container in the freezer in case I need a small baguette for a cheese plate in a pinch. They smell amazing. They aren’t the best baguette I have had but they are good warm fresh out of the oven. It’s worth a try.

Trader’s Joes French Butter

If you buy one thing at Trader Joe’s, get the butter. It is SO good and only $3.69. I should have bought two. It goes so well on fresh bread right out of the toaster. Update: this has been discontinued as of Summer 2022.


Trader Joe’s French Lemonade

Sparkling Pink Lemonade is made in France. I am pretty confident this is seasonal since I haven’t seen it for the last six months and it recently popped up at my Trader Joe’s. They made it an end cap. It’s perfect for a French-inspired outdoor picnic.

French Wafers

These are easily found in the cookie aisle in France. I tried these because they were imported from France and didn’t break the bank at $2.49. I think in France they would be closer to one euro.


Trader Joe’s French Cheese

I picked up a 6-month comté ( I prefer the older ones) and a triple cream brie which has been fantastic. I would get this again and the price was $5.51 for a large piece. They also have Camembert and Chèvre which I didn’t buy this round. In the Winter, they have Raclette (technically Swiss) and Fondue the Winter. Note the Raclette is also a seasonal item and can not be found past Christmas.


I am still working my way through things that I purchased mostly the wine. Over the weekend, it was nice enough to sit outside drink some Sancerre and make a little cheese board with the comté and brie.

french finds at trader joes everyday parisian

Trader Joe’s French Wine

french finds at trader joes everyday parisian

Wine prices and names:

Bordeaux $10.99

Labrousse Blaye Cotes (staff recomendation) $7.99

Tertre du Moulin St Emilion $15.99

Bordeaux Prestige $11.99

Sancere $17.99

french finds at trader joes everyday parisian

My grand total for everything including 5 French wines was $114. I only took what I would eat and try or needed for the house. If you are looking for an affordable option for wines/cheeses I highly recommend a trip to Trader Joe’s.

french finds at trader joes everyday parisian

P.S. For more French finds, check out these other 25 French Brands you can buy in the US

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  1. Sadly, on my last trip I asked about the butter and there was none in stock as of this post. It is really good! TJ’s is the best and it’s a pick me up shopping there. I love the quiche with some fruit and coffee. If you like chocolate, the Sea salt brownies are so good!

  2. Such great tips, but sadly the supply chain issues have really impacted the Houston area TJs (we have 2). I was told today the cultured French butter has been discontinued. I haven’t seen the French fleur de sel caramels in ages. Same for the pie dough and the Sancerre you suggested. Quel dommage.

    • Hi Kathryn,

      Oh no! I hope the butter rumor isn’t true. I just opened my last new one in the fridge. I need to stock up at TJ’s if it’s still there.

  3. Posts like these are so interesting and I pick up so many tips in the comments. Thank you, Rebecca! The Brie and Tomato Tarte is one of my favorite things at Trader Joe’s. I always bake it for longer than the directions tell you to. It is super thin, so a bit messy to eat. I end up cutting it into quarters and then folding each piece like a slice of pizza. I also enjoy the Crepe Wafer Cookies, butter (though I’m Irish, so I typically reach for the Kerrygold), Macarons, Almond Croissants, Puff Pastry, and the French Market Sparkling Pink Lemonade. I love how the bottle of Sparkling Oink Lemonade looks so summery sitting on the counter. It also tastes nice with a bit of rum or vodka. Looking forward to trying some of the other items you featured.

  4. I think at least some of the Trader Joe’s frozen French items are made by the French company Picard. I had some little frozen desserts from Picard in Paris and then bought the ‘Trader Joe’s A Dozen Sweet Bites’ that looked exactly the same, especially the raspberry cake.

  5. We really like the Tarte Alsace (flat bread with Creme Fraiche, Ham, Caramelized onions & Gruyere cheese. If you like Pinot Grigio try the Giardino Pino delle Venezie. We enjoyed it. Also the Lemon loaf cake mix is wondereful. In fact, I think they have a hard time keeping it in stock, TraderJoe’s is a place for new finds to enjoy.

  6. This post!!! I’m obsessed with the butter slathered all over the miche, toasted, from LaFournette on Wells.

    • Thank you, Kathleen! Yes, the Trader Joe’s butter on toasted La Fournette miche is out of this world good!

  7. I popped by my local Trader Joe’s today (in Northern VA) and I thought of you! This is only the second time I have gone there in the past 9 months and I wanted to share with you a few french finds I purchased today:

    1. Fromage Pave (a triple crème cheese, its ultra rich profile makes it an extraordinarily smooth and buttery and it is only available during the holiday season),
    2. Trader Joe’s handmade Fleur De Sel Caramel Candy (it says that the harvested sea salt is collected from the Coast of France and these caramels are buttery and soft),
    3. TJ’s Lavender Dryer Bags (containing only dried lavender), and
    4. plain- ready to bake mini croissants. If you like almond croissants, the TJs ones are really amazing (even better than the chocolate ones IMHO).

    Take care, Deborah

    P.S. I also love the Orange Blossom soap, the scent is heavenly!

  8. Thank you Rebecca and all of the other Individuals for their wonderful posts!!
    Now I have an idea on what French wines to buy🎉Yaayy!
    All off the other suggestions sound amazing!
    I have tried the liquid Orange blossom hand soap and it smells divine. TJ’s is THE place!

    • Hi Liz,

      I am so happy this helped! Trader Joe’s wines are really good and it has been such a fun post to put together. I agree, I have tried the Orange Blossom soap and it smells so good!

      Keep me posted on which wines you buy.


  9. I loved your post and have already shared it with friends, merci! I second the comment that mentions the "French Orange Blossom" liquid soap, the smell is divine. Also, I recommend you consider trying the frozen almond croissants- I like them even better than the chocolate ones and they have a substantial amount of filling as well. Have a great weekend!

    • Thank you, Deborah! I need to go back to get the "French Orange Blossom" soap and the Almond Croissants. I may need to do a taste test of all 3 croissants for research purposes!

      I hope you had a great weekend. xo

  10. What a fun post!! I have bought some french wines from TJ’s in the past, and loved everything I tried! Is it weird that the thing I want to try and find the most from this post, is the French butter?! Hahah I love a good and fancy butter situation 🙂 hope you are enjoying all of your TJ’s goodies!!


    • Libby, you must try the French butter. I am so happy that was the thing you want to try the most. It is so good! If you like the salted butter in Paris, I crack a little salt on top and it is amazing. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

  11. How were the wines? I"m always reluctant to buy from the French section because I"m not sure what I’ll like.

    I second the orange blossom hand soap. I also love their vacuum sealed beets, green beans, and teeny tiny potatoes for french style nicoise salads. Not sure if the cambazola cheese is french but it’s my all time favorite. Trader Joes for the win, always!

    • Thank you, Kristin! So far the wines have been great. I am slowly making my way through them. I need a restock of the Sancerre today. How did I just buy one? All of them were recommendations from French friends/ or the staff at Trader Joes. I am still amazed I got so many items + 5 bottles of wine for under $120!

  12. This was a great post. We often make our own macarons but the Trader Joe’s are very good. The baguette there is also wonderful. I didn’t realize they carry cornichons. We usually get the ones from Maille but I will look for these on my next trip. Thanks for the tips!

    • Thank you, Susan! The cornichons are delicious and way more affordable than Maille. I didn’t love the baguette option that was available but I hear every store has a different option. I will keep a lookout for them in the future. I am happy you enjoyed the post.

  13. The butter croissants from Trader Joe’s are just the best. Extra bonus, they don’t require proofing overnight! Another great find is their French pizza – Tarte d’ Alsace (flat bread with ham, caramelized onions and gruyere cheese). We pair this with a salad and either the Sancerre you purchased or the Pouilly-Fume that’s sold at Trader Joe’s. Perfect lunch by the pool or easy dinner!

    • Karen, that sounds delicious. Now I need to go back and look for the Tarte d’ Alsace. I need to pick up a Pouilly-Fume next trip. Keep in touch!

  14. Trader Joe is the only store I actually enjoy shopping in. Right now I am trying the chocolate croissants (they rise nicely), Belgian ale (Chimay), Delice de Bourgogne cheese, Saint Andre cheese, brioche loaf is amazing, a light macaron raspberry cake, and orange blossom liquid soap.

    • Thank you, Yanina! I need to check out this orange blossom soap that sounds divine! I am happy you enjoy shopping at Trader Joes. I had so much fun and I need to make this a regular stop for groceries. I stopped grocery shopping back in March and just getting back into the swing of things.

  15. Thank you, Rebecca!

    Please note that I bought the most delicious Saint Andre cheese at Trader Joe’s the other day, Delice de Bourgogne, and wonderful truffle Mousse Pate at Trader Joe’s. We had a French feast along with, yes, the cornichons, which were not $8.00 a jar, as Maille cornichons are. I always have a jar of those in my fridge, and it’s nice to find that we need not pay that price for a very good alternative! The pate was delicious, and my husband asked “what was that cheese? Buy more!”

    Born appetit! I’m off to look for those wines!!!

    • Hi Judy and Gary!

      That sounds like a lovely French feast. I am so happy to hear your husband approved of your Trader Joe’s choices. I will have to keep a lookout for that truffle mousse pate. I love all things truffle.

      Keep me posted on the wines you pick up!