French Finds: Trader Joe’s

Trader Joes French Finds

I am down in Miami visiting my sister who just had a baby. It is not Chicago and I am more of a city girl walking out my front door and having so many options as far as food and entertainment. When I created the blog I wanted the Parisian lifestyle to be able to something that was attainable to everyone. This was a perfect test living in suburbia. We arrived to Trader Joe’s to pick up a few things for dinner and I wanted to see what they had as far as French products. The cheese selection looked pretty good so I decided to create a French dinner for under $25. Note: A French Dinner in my eyes consists of wine, cheese, and a baguette. 

Trader Joe’s is known for their well priced food items so I knew $25 would be a fair budget. 

French Finds at Trader Joes

It is typical to have three types of cheese for cheese plate but considering the budget I stuck to two. I also picked up a $6.00 bottle of Sauvignon Blanc which was fantastic. It brought me right back to Paris. I highly recommend checking out their wide selection of French wines including Rosé. To accompany the cheese I purchased a container of red grapes and a jar of corrichons (french pickles) Comtè and Brie were my chosen cheeses. I was looking for something that my family would like and my three-year old niece loves comte after our trip to Paris earlier this year. There were a few bread options including a whole wheat option but we stuck with traditional. All in all it was easy to fit in the budget of $25 for our wine and cheese night. 

Trader Joes French Finds

Some other French Finds at Trader Joe’s include a wide selection of Frozen Foods similar to Picard. My favorite section is the desserts where you can pick up a raspberry tarte and macarons. They even have pumpkin flavored macarons for the Autumn months. 

trader joes french finds

Trader Joes French Finds

Trader Joes French Finds

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