Five Favorite Books By Kristin Harmel

Five Books by Kristin Harmel

Kristin Harmel is an author I discovered a few years ago when I read, “The Room on Rue Amélie.” Since the first book, I fell in love with Kristen’s writing style. Her book’s have a theme of WWII in France which is a topic I gravitate towards. When I was selecting a book for the EDP Book Club, I decided on “The Winemaker’s Wife.” Many of the group members mentioned reading “Lost Book of Names” and I remember loving “The Winemaker’s Wife” when I first read it back in 2021. The EDP Book Club for March is not just to highlight one book but to highlight multiple books by Kristin Harmel.

I wanted a way to encourage blog readers to enjoy more of her books. This month, I read “The Paris Daughter” which had been sitting on my nightstand for quite a while. Her books are easy to get into and I want to stay wrapped up in the story until the very end. Below are five favorite books by Kristin Harmel. I would love to know your favorites in the comments below. Do you have a suggestion for a future book club book?

Five Favorite Books By Author Kristin Harmel

The room on rue Amélie books by Kristin Harmel

“The Room on Rue Amélie” takes place in Paris during WWII. I often pass Rue Amélie, which is close to Rue Cler, and think about this story. Ruby gets involved with hiding Allied soldiers in a risky situation during the war. The danger escalates when Ruby decides to hide Charlotte, a 12-year-old Jewish girl.

The Lost Book of Names by Kristin Harmel

The Lost Book of Names” is probably the most recognized book by Kristin Harmel. Inspired by a true story, Eva risks her safety and creates a way to document the Jewish children fleeing for safety during WWII. “The Lost Book of Names” preserves the actual names of the children too young to remember who they are. It is a heartbreaking and beautiful story that intertwines the past and present. If there is one book you read by Kristin Harmel out of this list, this should be it! I now want to reread it.

The Paris Daughter Kristin Harmel

“The Paris Daughter” is Kristin Harmel’s newest release. I just finished reading this book in March. The story was beautiful, highlighting friendship, sacrifice, and family. Set in Paris and NYC, “The Paris Daughter” will have you hooked until the last pages. I loved the story but figured out the plot twist early on. It was still a story that I continue to think about long after the book was finished. For any parent who has lost a child, this book may be a challenge, and I would recommend skipping it.

“The Sweetness of Forgetting”

The Sweetness of Forgetting Kristin Harmel

I randomly picked “The Sweetness of Forgetting,” not knowing the story. It was packed in my suitcase right after our wedding when we traveled to the Dominican Republic. All WWII Holocaust books are heavy because of the topic, and it may not have been the best vacation read. However, I enjoyed reading about it and cried at the end. The story occurs between a bakery on Cape Cod and Paris during WWII and today. “The Sweetness of Forgetting” focuses on Hope, her daughter, and her grandmother. The grandmother suffers from Alzheimer’s. She slowly shares a story of her past before it disappears from her memory altogether. Hope is inspired to piece together the story bringing her to Paris to learn about her grandmother’s past during WWII.

The WInemaker's Wife Kirstin Harmel

This is a beautiful story that mixes the past of WWII and the present (the year 2019). “The Winemaker’s Wife” will take you to the Champagne region of France during the war. Sacrifices had to be made to stay safe, and mistakes were also made. It is a story of forgiveness and love. You might be inspired to book a trip to France to visit Champagne. The book inspired me to learn more about WWII France, especially in different parts of France outside of Paris.

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  1. I read a mystery series by Cara Black about a woman PI in Paris. I love them and they are all different parts of Paris. You might like them if you haven’t heard of them.

  2. I have read most of Kristin’s books. I’m going to read The Room on Rue Amelie ..thank you for your suggestion! I met Kristin when she was in Tampa at The Oxford Exchange.. she’s a doll! I’m reading the Paris Library now.. it’s really good. Planning on a trip to Paris in November with my daughters!!

    • Carole, you are so lucky! I wish I could meet Kristin one day. Her books are so beautiful and I love that she shares the stories of WWII France with so many. She has a true gift. The Paris Library is a great book. Have the best time with your daughters in November. xo