Links I Love Week 2 Year 2024

Luxembourg Gardens Winter paris

Links I Love Week 2 Year 2024

Happy Sunday! I am cozy at home in Chicago after a lovely and inspiring trip to Paris. The purpose of the trip was to reset, dream, and plan for the new year. I started this tradition last year and can’t wait to continue it again. We even had a dusting of snow in Paris which was magical. You can see a few ways I am resetting for the new year in this post.

This week in Chicago, we were hit with snow and a cold snap. It was a good excuse to hang out at home with Henri and get organized. My friend Jane has a book coming out in April and I just received my advanced copy. You can preorder yours here! This is a great way to support authors by placing your preorders so publishers can get an idea of book sales. 

Grab your coffee and croissants, and join me for links I love.

A Guide to Julia Child’s Paris via Vogue 

What it is like to fly La Compagnie a business class only airline that flies to Paris I am typically loyal to United but curious about this airline.  

I have had my eye on this bag for months for date nights and events. While I have some great crossbody bags, I wanted something small and elegant that would be with me for years. I finally bought it duty-free at the Paris airport. It was much less than in the US and my first big purchase.

Why 2024 will be the year of the brand  For those of you who are interested in the business of fashion

I binge-watched “And Just Like That Season 2” on the plane ride home. I didn’t love season 1 and never finished it. The second season was good, and despite the bad reviews, I enjoyed it, and was perfect for the plane ride.

How a millennial skincare brand went viral This is an interesting read and what I have heard from so many friends with kids too. 

For those of you who love jazz, this is my favorite radio station from Paris. It always brings a smile to my face when I hear it in the car or hotel room in Paris. You can stream it directly on their website and bring Paris home to you. I have gotten my family hooked on it, and they love it too! 

How to use French hair pins for effortless updos via In Style. Remember last week when I told you I bought this hair pin? I am so excited to use it and switch it up from my normal bobby pins. 

This week’s best sellers include the fabulous Uniqlo jacket I wore in Paris to keep warm along with a great pair of jeans 40% off.

When and how much to tip in France. This was a big question from readers when I left a note and tip at my hotel. I will have to follow up with a blog post on what I tip when I travel. 

My friend Katie had the cutest belted coat while in Paris from Maje. Long wool belted coats were the big trend among Parisian women this winter. 

Why Chanel flats will never go out of style via In Style 

I loved carrying my Cuyana zip tote around Paris. It fits so much, including a baguette! I do wish it was a bit more organized to keep everything tidy. When I had my last tote, I ordered the insert, making the bag heavy. This new insert is much lighter and on my wish list for a purchase later this year. My grandma would love this insert, a spot for everything, including her gum and keys. 

The biggest travel trends of 2024 

I ordered these frames in silver and brass to make a gallery wall above my desk with black and white prints from Paris. Our anniversary dinner at RL inspired the idea to mix the metals. 

The Mystique of La Tour D’Argent.I tried to book here, but they were full for lunch. Dinner prices were out of my budget. If you want to book, check the lunch menu for a more budget-friendly option and a stunning view of Paris. 

Stanley Tucci is going back to Italy for a new TV show 

This is the one product Parisian women use to extend their blowouts. I have one at home and bought another one to keep my hair fresh during my trip. Go for the non-aerosol can. 

How to declutter your home room by room according to the pros via Architectural Digest 

I had a manicure in Paris and tried out Manucurist green polishes. I have used the Flash gel colors before and wanted to try out their regular (not gel) green polishes. Red Velvet is the color I chose and wore in Paris. I ordered a few for home, including a light pink and dark pink from their starter set. 

Sézane’s new winter essentials are here, and so many items are on my wish list. I didn’t buy anything on my quick trip to Paris. This will be a great chance to get me through the long winter months. 

Just how healthy is salmon? This article reminded me how much I love salmon and how much I used to eat it all the time. I will work on some updated recipes and incorporate them into my weekly rotation. Via NYT

The J.Crew trench is always an option if you want a new one for your wardrobe. It rarely goes on sale, and I keep it in my cart just in case it does. It is under $200 and worth the purchase if it is within your budget. 

I fell in love with the scent of Mimosa after my hotel left me a bouquet with them mixed in. The yellow flower is big in January in Paris and has a beautiful floral fragrant scent. I confirmed the Diptyque candle smells like the scent was bottled up. It is now on my wish list for home. 

An essential guide to Après Ski. Taking notes for later this winter

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  1. Rebecca you are so lucky to go to Paris so often. I have been once and my husband and I are going this May. We like to walk and want to enjoy Paris like a local 🙂 What arrondissements/ neighborhoods do you recommend staying? I purchased The Paris Guide. Any new Hotel recommendations to add since it was written?
    Thank you!!

    • Hi Patricia,

      I stayed in two great hotels this past trip. They will be up on the blog soon, one left bank and one right bank. I love the 9th for experiencing Paris like a local. It’s just in between some of the major attractions but has a lovely local feel with tons of great restaurants.


  2. Rebecca, the tipping advice is sound, but my problem on my last visit (March 2023) was that I rarely had any coins to leave as an extra “petit pourboire.” Paris has become so cash-free, I used Apple Pay everywhere. There was no “tip line.” I did make sure to have some euros to leave for hotel staff. Any hints for how to keep cash on hand? I tried going into a bank but found out the branch in question didn’t have cash or coins.

    • Hi Mary,

      I typically get cash out of the ATM at the beginning or end of my visit so I always have some with me. While a lot of Paris is cash free, I still like to have some to tip drivers, hotel staff, and restaurants. You can use one of the larger bills to pay for a coffee, market, or at a quick stop to Monoprix and get small change. Hotels are happy to assist in providing change as well 🙂

  3. I’ve started using the app to stream stations from all over, just added TSF Jazz to my favorites list – thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  4. I really enjoy EDP! Quick question: I am wanting to buy a trench coat for spring. Would you recommend the J Crew trench or Sezane? Thanks for your input!

    • Hi Casey! Great question and one I get often. I need to do a blog post on this 🙂 What’s your budget? The Sézane one has really held up for me over the years and I think the quality is great. The J.Crew one I believe has a hood which is an amazing design feature that I love.