What to Pack for Paris in the Winter

paris in the winter everyday parisian what to pack for Paris

Paris is cold and damp in the Winter. A long warm coat is essential. Leave the Patagonia at home and bring a wool coat instead. You will easily stand out as a tourist if you flash North Face or another brand. I love this belted coat as an option. JCrew has some great options and they are on sale right now!

When it comes to shoes, pack something comfortable and practical. I swear by Blondo boots. I have 5 pairs and my collection is growing. You can wear over the knee boots to go out at night, and the booties to walk around the city. The best part about it is they are waterproof! I have ruined so many shoes by getting caught in rain storms in Paris and these are a life saver. They are still stylish and the price is right. Most of the Blondos are under $200.

Pack at least one scarf. I usually have two. One as a blanket scarf a fuller more thick one that I also use as a blanket on the plane and a small scarf to tuck into your coat while walking around. I have been known to forget a scarf and have always ended picking up one or two as souvenirs from Galleries Lafayette.

Hats are great to keep warm while walking around or standing in line at museums. I usually loose at least one a Winter because I immediately take it off and leave it on a chair at a café. That being said, I don’t spend too much money on them but they are good to have with you. While a beret sounds like a fun thing to wear in Paris, skip it. The only people wearing berets in Paris right now are tourists. I see the trend trying to come back at a bunch of retailers but I haven’t seen it actually worn by the Parisians.

what to pack for paris in winter everyday parisian

In my bag, I always keep an umbrella. Even on the days it isn’t supposed to rain you never know. January was especially rainy last year and the Seine flooded. It is better to invest in a good one from home then be literally caught in the rain paying double the price for one that doesn’t last through your trip.

Tech gloves are a great option to keep your fingers warm but still stay connected to your phone. I have a red pair from Coach I got for Christmas from my friend Ashley. 

what to pack for paris in the winter everyday parisian

Sweaters are essential during Paris in the Winter. I remember, I traveled two years ago during January and I kept wearing my warmest sweater every day. It was SO cold. If you are traveling in a carryon I like to pack the heaviest sweater for the plane. It is normally chilly and it saves space. I also like to pack a comfy café sweater. By that, I mean something that will be cozy to sit at a café and read a book or sip a coffee on a very cold Winter day. 

When packing for Paris, I always pack a Longchamp overnight bag. This goes in my suitcase or I use it as a carryon. It is a great way to transfer some things in my suitcase so it isn’t overweight when I fly back home to the States. It folds up so easily and compact. You can buy one in France or pick one up before you leave. I have two colors and my sister has one too and loves it. The Away suitcases are great, I have a similar one but they company folded. I would love to get a matching set of these this year. They also make packing cubes, essential for packing. This travel set from Cuyana helps me keep all my toiletries, skincare, and makeup all organized in two matching zip pouches.

what to pack for Paris in the winter everyday parisian

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  1. Happy New Year, Rebecca. This is a great list not just for Paris but also for New York in the Winter. I purchased the Blondo boots after reading your review about them. And…I did get them during the Nordstrom sale. They are wonderful — in rain or shine. Classic, warm and impenetrable. I love Paris in the Winter. The cool/chilly air keeps you moving and if you dress warmly you can stay out all day with small chocolate and wine breaks. I hope to bump into you again someday during a future trip. Maybe at Le Pré Aux Clercs. À bientôt.

    • Hello Amelia! Happy New Year to you too! I am so happy you love the Blondo boots. How is life in NYC? Do you have plans to return to Paris soon? Keep in touch! I would love to bump into you again. xo

  2. Great list! I have sadly "misplaced" my trusty black belted travel coat, so I am on the hunt for one. I like to also bring a very thin long sleeved shirt to slip under a sweater or blouse when chilled. Easy enough to throw into my bag if the days warm up later. I brought a wool blend pair of tights the past two January trips as well that fit under looser slacks…It is a wonderful time to be in Paris, great fares and no lines!

    • Layering is essential in cold weather. I can never find anything "cute" to go under sweaters. It is my Winter goal to find something that works but doesn’t look too awful. Tights are a great addition to the list. Have you been to calzedonia? I can’t not stop by and stock up when I am in Paris.

  3. Great packing list! I took almost an identical belted wool coat by Tahari in November, just as the weather turned from late fall to winter. It was really perfect! Closed it keeps your chest protected against the cold and open it has a a chic trench look.