What I am Packing For Paris


I planned to do this post to share how I pack in a carryon for a week long trip in the Winter. A friend reminded me that it might be good to do just so I don’t forget anything so it is a bit of a public packing list as well. If you have been following me for a while you know I typically forget one thing when traveling from workout pants to my sleep mask, things I can’t live without but completely slip my mind as I am a last minute packer. 

The plan is to pack in my Raden roller bag with a foldable longchamp. I have a few gifts to bring to Paris so these will fit in my longchamp. Once the bag is emptied, I will fill it with a few things from Paris. I always stock up on skincare in Paris and I have a few Sisley and Cadalie items on my list. Most likely I will end up checking my Raden suitcase on the way home due to the liquids from the skincare. For my computer, camera and personal belongings I love my Cuyana. 

I was really hoping for snow this trip, that is what prompted me to look at flights. The weather ironically will be much warmer than Chicago. I am fairly certain it will be around the same weather I had most of my April trip. This means I can give up my heavy coat and bring my Sandro coat that I love. I will pack a few scarves but I usually end up buying one as a souvenir from a little boutique or Galleries Lafayette. 


I will bring two pairs of favorite Hudson jeans, a black pair of pants, and one dress (you never know) 


I swear by my Blondos and it is going to rain so one pair of ankle blondos and one knee high pair. It isn’t the easiest to walk on the cobblestones with heels so I will most likely leave those at home this trip. 


Sweater Season is here and I have been living in them. At the start of the Season I felt I didn’t have anything I liked but I am slowly adding to my collection including these. You all know I love my red Sézane Sweater. There is a new pink one out with my name on it that I hope to snatch up on my visit.


I pack my toiletries in my Cuyana bags which makes life so easy. I plan on restocking some of my favorite beauty products including my Sisley Mascara that I cannot live without and the eye cream. I swear by this! French Beauty products are cheaper in Paris. Sisley Paris products aren’t available at a regular Pharmacie you will find them at a Department store such as Galleries Lafayette. 

Pajamas, Underwear, and Bras are easy to forget, so they are on my list! 

For the Plane

My Aunt gave me a cashmere blanket scarf that has become a staple on overseas flights. The planes can be SO cold and I don’t like using the plane blankets… 

I most likely won’t like the plane food and there is along stretch from landing in Paris to actually getting to the apartment. Snacks are essential. Now that my Sister is a Mom she is the snack queen so she has taught me well in planning ahead. 

What is your travel routine? Is there something I forgot to pack??


This post does include affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant fund in Paris. Merci! 

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  1. Can you do a packing list for spring/summer PLEASEEEE!! I am heading to Paris at the end of June and need packing help 🙂

  2. Hi!
    My husband and I are visiting Paris for the first time (for me at least) in a few weeks and wondered if you had any suggestions for an international plug situation? We have cell phones, apple watches, a camera, etc that we will want to charge and are getting a little overwhelmed with the options available – any thoughts?

    • Hi Karissa,

      I have an adapter for my iphone and mac that I purchased. I believe you can purchase them on amazon or at the apple store. I just switch them instead of using an adapter so I don’t have to worry about voltage. For my camera battery, I just use a standard adapter to charge. It is fairly easy and nothing to stress about. I am happy to send you the links if you want to all I have and use ! [email protected]

  3. Hopefully you get this before you leave Paris- I was there in December and came across a lovely little store in le Marais that sells beautiful cashmere sweaters and wraps and more. Its not cheap but I highly recommend it! Cashmere is the bomb at keeping you warm without the bulk. bisous xx

  4. Love this, especially that Sandro coat…OMG! Will be looking forward to your updates when you’re over there; I get to live vicariously through your adventure. Really makes me want to buy a spontaneous ticket but the husband would kill me 🙂

    • The coat is amazing! I am so happy I splurged. There is a Sandro Stock store in the marais that sells them too.

      I will be posting a good amount on Instagram stories but I won’t be blogging until I am back. This will help me stay more present and enjoy my favorite city!

      I am a huge fan of buying a last minute ticket. You only live once right? 😉