What To Pack for Paris in the Summer

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Summer in France is a popular time to visit with extra travel time with kids out of school and extended vacations. The beginning of the summer months can be cooler, and you can expect warmer days come June leading into July. It is a good idea to pack layers when planning for summer in Paris, as the weather can be unpredictable. It is a great time to be in Paris, where many outdoor activities and events exist. The city is truly buzzing at the start of warm weather. 

You can use my Paris packing list and suggestions to help you pack for Paris in the summer. Mix and match the Parisian style with your own to make it unique. There is the stereotypical French girl look, but she is constantly evolving, and you will see this as you explore Paris. 

One of the most popular trending looks in French fashion right now is going more casual. A baseball hat, sneakers, and a crossbody bag. I have this one from Rivedroite, a famous French brand that is affordable. Mine is bright red. 

Paris in the summer what to pack

What to Pack for Paris in the Summer 

You can use my Paris packing list and suggestions to help you pack for Paris in the summer. Mix and match the Parisian style with your own to make it unique. There is the stereotypical French girl look, but she is constantly evolving, and you will see this as you explore Paris. 

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​Paris Weather in The Summer

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Check the weather forecast before you travel and make any modifications to your wardrobe. There are so many times I don’t want to believe the temperatures that show up when I search the weather, but those typically aren’t too far off. Expect a wide variety of temperatures when traveling in the summer. Heat waves aren’t out of the norm these days, and not every apartment or restaurant has air conditioning. Check with your accommodations when booking to make sure there is air conditioning or fans to keep cool. I spent a few days in Paris during a heat wave, which was uncomfortable. Luckily, my hotel room had air conditioning, and I could have some relief while I slept. 

What to pack for paris in the summer

The forecast for rain can change daily in Paris. I anticipate at least a day of rain during your trip, and it is good to pack a trench coat, rain jacket, and umbrella for rainy days. You may be lucky and not have a rainy day, but it is best to plan. 

Daylight Hours in Paris

If you come from the US, you may not expect such an early sunrise and late sunset. In June, the sunrise is around 5:45 am and the sunset is at 9:45 roughly. You will have 16 hours of sunlight in Paris. This is great for experiencing the city and the energy that fills the streets of Paris. Prepare for hot and sunny days. Do not forget a sun hat, sunscreen, and a water bottle while exploring the city of light. 


​Comfortable Shoes for Paris in the Summer 

comfortable walking shoes for Paris

Comfortable walking shoes for Paris are a must. You will want to pack a pair of sneakers for long days of exploring and walking around the city. These Vejas are what a lot of French women are wearing right now. The Vejas are sold out almost everywhere in the US but should be restocked in August at Anthropologie. You can purchase them in Paris at the major department stores or the Vejas store. I recommend ordering them now and shipping them when they are back in stock if you have an eye on them. 

madewell white sneakers

Another pair of favorite sneakers is from Madewell. You do need to break them before a long trip, but once you have, they will mold to your feet, and you will love them. They are also under $100. 

You should plan on a lot of walking in Paris, and having more than one pair of shoes to rotate to keep your feet comfortable is good. It is not uncommon to walk 10 miles a day without even trying. It is the best way to see Paris is on foot. The metro or bus is a great option to get across town quickly and easily if you don’t want to walk. 

If you pack a pair of heels, espadrille or kitten heels are recommended. Paris is filled with cobblestone streets. I typically stay away from stiletto heels unless you jump into a taxi straight to dinner.  

Espadrilles Sézane sizing

Pack a Neutral Capsule Wardrobe 

Katie Babies Sézane heels

Timeless classics are always a good idea when packing for Paris. The trending Parisian styles include midi skirts, crossbody bags, Birkenstock-style shoes, and wide-leg pants. I hate to say it, but skinny jeans are out in France. You can still wear them as I did but don’t be surprised if you see high-waisted wide-leg pants. A neutral capsule wardrobe consists of a few items, such as classic t-shirts, a little black dress, a good pair of denim, ballet flats, and sneakers. Mix and match these items to make multiple Paris outfits and even pack them all in a carry-on. 

demi ballet flats Parisian style
paris in the summer everyday parisian

While shorts are acceptable in Paris, make sure they aren’t shorts. Sézane has some super cute ones that align with Parisian fashion trends. 

Pack a sweater for cooler days and nights to throw over a dress or t-shirt. A light jacket such as a denim jacket goes easily over a dress, or if you are planning time in May or June, you might want to pack a leather jacket

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A scarf is a perfect Parisian accessory, and even in the summer, you will see French women wearing a light scarf. You can always tie it on a handbag for a pop of color. 

what to pack for paris in the summer

How to Not Stand Out as A Tourist in Paris

Leave the gym wear at home, including your favorite Lululemon pants. Save them for the flight home. Loud brands, bright colors, and gym shoes will be a sure sign you are a tourist. Go for the effortless look of the Parisians and dress in neutral colors. Fanny packs, money belts around your neck, and ballcaps with sports teams are dead giveaways. 

What to Do in Advance of Your Paris Trip

Travel insurance is always recommended when going abroad. I use World Nomads and ensure I am covered for delays, lost luggage, and my camera and computer. They have two different levels at different prices to choose from. Simplify your wallet when traveling and limit the number of credit cards you carry. I keep one with me and a backup one in the hotel, safe for emergencies. Cash isn’t necessary in Paris, but it is helpful for tipping and small purchases. I keep a change purse for euro coins and small dollar bills. 

​Travel Accessories for Paris 

If you bring one, you will want to have a travel adapter in your bag to charge your phone, computer, and camera. I purchased this from Apple, which slides on and off my charger, making it easy. A simple adapter is also inexpensive and great for your travel bag. 




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What to Pack for Paris in the Summer

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