What To Pack for Paris in the Summer

It has been a while since I have been to Paris in the Summer. But I will be back this June so I am sharing some ideas on what to pack for the warm weather. Just keep in mind, keep it tasteful when it comes to dressing. Nothing too short or too revealing. A lot of things shut down in August, so if you have plans to visit during this month you will be greeted with empty streets and a more quiet Paris.


Comfortable shoes are SO important. I think the best way to see the city of Paris is on foot and you don’t want to be in pain with blisters or not be able to walk. Parisians don’t really wear heels unless they are going out to dinner and won’t be walking. Cobblestones aren’t the easiest to walk in heels, trust me. If you wear heels or wedges, you might want to switch them out later in the day. I just bought these from Everlane for walking around Europe.

what to pack for paris in the summer

These are my go to shoes for walking the streets of Paris if you are looking for sneakers. Make sure to buy little footies to wear with your shoes so you don’t get blisters.

I pack a bunch of these in my suitcase because they work for my blondos too.







I always recommend carrying a top zip tote for around Paris to keep your valuable safe. I love my Cuyana and have owned mine for 4 years. It is worth the investment. I also love the insert to keep everything organized. I can fly with my laptop in this bag along with my camera equipment.


While the weather should be warm in Paris in the Summer, I have been in August and it was unseasonably cold. Always pack at least one jacket with you for crisp days and nights. I love this Madewell denim jacket. I will be packing it for my trip to go over tops and dresses for nights out.

Rain is going to happen. Make sure to pack an umbrella. A trench coat or raincoat is always a good idea.

Don’t forget sunscreen. My favorite non greasy brand is Super Goop. There are also great French brands if you stop by a pharmacie.

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