What to Pack for Paris in the Autumn

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Paris in the autumn is one of the best times to visit. The city of light is full of energy the changing colors on the trees and ivy filling the city pop against the neutral greys and blues of the building’s architecture. In the early autumn, expect warmer days and lots of sunshine. Typically, the average temperature in September will be in the low 70s. This can continue into early October. There will be rain in the autumn season, so prepare when packing for Paris. Even when rain isn’t in the forecast, it is good to plan for it. Evening temperatures can drop down into the 50s toward the end of October, so a light scarf is recommended. Here’s what to wear in Paris in the autumn.

What to Wear in Paris in the Autumn

You will want to ensure you are warm enough for dinners and sightseeing. In November and early December, you will notice a temperature drop, and it is essential to pack a wool coat for the cold weather. Of course, there are lots of shops around Paris to pick up anything you have forgotten or if you want to look more like a French woman.

P.S. For ideas on what to do in Paris in the Autumn, you can check out this post! 

Paris in the autumn packing list everyday Parisian

There will be plenty of sunny days in Paris, so don’t forget sunscreen and sunglasses. I had ten straight days of warm weather and sunshine. My trip in October was much warmer than my visit in April earlier this year.

What to Wear in Paris in the Fall

Paris in the Rain

What to Wear in Paris autumn rain

What to Wear in Paris in the Rain

When planning a trip to Paris, it is a good idea to plan for rainy days. Activities that you can do on a rainy day in Paris include a cooking class with La Cuisine Paris, museums, embracing the rainy weather, and sitting it out at a Parisian café terrace. I recommend packing a travel umbrella in your day bag for unexpected rain storms.  Blondo ankle boots are waterproof shoes and are great for Paris in the autumn. They are stylish and some of the best shoes to wear in Paris on rainy fall days. Blondo boots also make high boots that go to the knee, which I also love. They are very trendy, and the flat boot is a good option for walking all over the city.

Shoes to Wear in Paris

What to Wear in Paris

Packing Tips for What to Wear in Paris

Parisian women have a great sense of style and work around neutral colors. You can mix in a pop of color but when you are packing for Paris in the autumn, basics work best with a few essential accessories. The Parisian-style capsule wardrobe is easy to accomplish with jeans, a little black dress, ballet flats, a white blouse, and cozy sweaters.

Skinny jeans and straight jeans are on trend right now.  Paris is a stylish city, and dressing up is recommended.

What to Wear in Paris

When packing for Paris or any European trip right now, I highly recommend packing in a carry-on. This way you don’t have to worry about not having your clothes when you touchdown in Paris and you can hit the ground running. I always like to shower, change into clean clothes, and freshen up when I land. Packing cubes can make a huge difference when packing in a carry-on suitcase. I love these from Calpak which I have been using for years. If you are a heavier packer, they just introduced compression packing cubes to make it easier. You can easily pack what to wear in Paris for a week’s trip this way.

Enjoy this printable Paris packing list PDF that will help you plan what you need for your upcoming trip to Paris in the fall.

Coats to Wear in Paris

During the earlier months, a light jacket might be perfectly fine. If you check the weather forecast and there is rain, you might want to pack a stylish rain jacket. I say stylish because I would say leave your rain slicker at home. J.Crew has a cute one here if you are looking for ideas. I also recommend a trench coat. This is a hot trend right now in Paris, and it isn’t a coat that is worn just when it is raining outside. You will see many Parisian women walking around in various colors of trench coats. The camel color is the most popular. I have one from Sézane that I love to wear in Paris all the time. J.Crew has an option for a trench coat here. 

What to Wear in Paris in the Autumn

A leather jacket is also an excellent option for the earlier months of the fall season. You can pair this with a scarf and black pants and feel very Parisian. I bought my leather jacket from Madewell which was an investment piece (I got it on sale) Sézane also has a great option that I love.

Shoes to wear in Paris

You will want a warmer coat and scarf for colder days and nights of autumn in Paris. Sézane, J.Crew, and & Other Stories all have great options. On my last trip to Paris in October, I saw lots of Parisian women wearing navy longer wool coats so I bought this one from & Other Stories before it sold out.

Sweaters to Wear in Paris

In early to late September, you should be okay with lighter sweaters. Once the weather turns in October, you will want to pack to wear thicker sweaters for the colder months. I love the sweaters from Sézane. The Gaspard sweater is a French girl staple and can be worn in three ways. I have it in multiple colors. I have to pack at least one of my coziest sweaters in my closet for a rainy day in a Parisian café for a little extra warmth for an outside terrace.

What to Wear in Paris

Shoes to Wear in Paris

I highly recommend packing comfortable walking shoes and leaving the high heels at home. They can be tough to navigate in the cobblestone streets of Paris and aren’t worth it. For the fall, sneakers are an excellent option for walking around Paris make sure they are comfortable. I highly recommend these Madewell sneakers that I have worn for years. You need to break them in before you leave, or else you risk getting blisters. Once they are broken in, you will love them. Sneakers are perfectly acceptable in Paris right now and are even considered trendy. Sézane makes the jack sneaker, and there is also Véja, a French brand.

What to Wear in Paris

Ballet flats are also comfortable shoes for walking around the city. I have owned these Margaux NY flats that I repeatedly wear in Paris. They have an Audrey Hepburn look and are more affordable than a Coco Chanel flat.

What to Wear in Paris

What to Wear in Paris Bags

I love the idea of a cross-body bag in Paris to keep your valuables close by and if you aren’t lugging around a big camera like me it is a great option. When traveling to and from Paris I carry this bag from Cuyana that I have mentioned before. It holds everything and gets better with age. I also pack a larger Longchamp bag for the flight home. This saves me from the possible overweight bag at the airport. I can transfer some items in here and take off some weight.

Makeup to Wear in Paris

French women are more natural when it comes to makeup. Mascara, eyeliner, a good concealer, and a red lip is all you need to look put together. Good skincare and glowy, healthy skin are easy to achieve with French products from the pharmacy. Avène, Klorane, Bioderma, and Caudalie are some brands you will notice for sale almost everywhere. You can also buy these in the US, but they are less expensive in France.

makeup to wear in Paris

Accessories to Wear in Paris

French women use scarves as an accessory staple. It is a great way to add another layer of color or texture to your Paris outfits. Even in the warmer months, you will see Parisians wearing a light scarf and depending if you are visiting at the start of Autumn or towards the end. Pack a warmer scarf for the colder evenings.

winter accessories to wear in Paris

When I am traveling in Paris, I use a small wallet for a credit card and ID when I am out and about. This one from Cuyana is a good choice.

Travel Accessories to Pack for Paris

Travel adaptors are so necessary. Some hotels will offer backups at the front desk if you have forgotten yours, and you can also pop into Monoprix to purchase one. I leave all my travel chargers and accessories in my tech pack to make sure I don’t forget anything when I travel. A portable charger isn’t a bad idea to pack in your day bag in case you need an extra charge towards the end of the day.

Getting around the city is easy. You can take the Paris metro available at all points around the city. I love walking the most because you can see so many details of the beautiful city. As a photographer, I am always finding something that catches my eye. One of my favorite times of the day to explore Paris is early in the morning before the city wakes up. The light is magical this time of year.

Travel Insurance for Paris

I hope this post helps prepare you for your next trip to Paris. Travel insurance is always a good idea. I use World Nomads. With insurance, I can insure my laptop and camera and have health coverage for traveling in European countries. It is an added cost, but it provides peace of mind when traveling outside of the US and staying in a hotel room.

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  1. I’m surprised it’s never mentioned to pack a cashmere sweater,if your into French wardrobe staples. Weight adds nothing to your luggage…I compress a few in a bag and steam out while I shower. A black turtleneck and a navy or black crew neck are staples. Simple and elegant,not at all “costume”.
    Uniqlo and Monoprix both have their own brand at reasonable cost.

  2. Dear Rebecca, Your advice is always spot on. I still bring my Blondos, scarf, and layers to keep dry and warm when it turns chilly or rainy. I’m going to be in Paris for a week in October, but also a week in Provence. Do I need to pack for two climates? What do you think? I’d like to pack for carry-on since I’ll be responsible for my suitcase while touring Provence.

  3. Rebecca ,love your blog !! Thank you I love the tips you give and how you even let us know where to get it !!!! Love the photos and I love the photo with you in the jeans and white shirt I just wish you would of had your lovely face .

  4. This is an excellent article. I am heading to Spain and Portugal next April and a good trench coat would be excellent. For the just in case.

  5. I love reading packing posts! This is what started my blog reading years ago, i was already obsessed with Youtube so had watched plenty of packing videos. I started researching what to wear for my month trip to Paris 2012.

  6. Thanks for this Rebecca! My nephew and girlfriend will travel to Paris in October. Am going to definitely share this with them, as I have been doing with your other posts. Keep up the great work, which I love so much! Oh, have a nice trip, can’t wait for photos. Need to plan to go some day as well. 🙂

  7. I love this list! Thank you. Have you ever been to Au Petit Suisse? It’s near Le Jardin du Luxembourg on Rue de Vaugirard. I had what I think was the BEST croissant in Paris there. If you get a chance, please check it out and let me know what you think! Have a wonderful trip!

  8. This is a great fall list! We just got back from Paris last Thursday. Since it was a more transitional time between summer and fall I wore dresses with either a blazer or a cardigan (often just carried it), and always had a scarf on hand. I brought a short trench but only wore it one night. I stuck with little black dresses, black & white dresses, one black jumpsuit and accented with colorful scarves. French women seemed to be wearing a lot of dresses with trenches or pants (not so much jeans) with blazers in the slouchy way they pull off so well. Have a great trip!

    • Hi Trinity,

      Thank you so much! I hope you had a great trip! My friend mentioned that there was a lot of denim and black combo. I packed dresses and a leather jacket. Hopefully it won’t be too chilly. It looks like I am leaving an Indian Summer for Autumn weather.


  9. Have a great & safe trip Rebecca. St Emilion & Bordeaux were fabulous so I hope that you get there too. I’m off to the UK tomorrow so will post some photos as soon as I am able. best wishes Judith

    • Thank you so much! Oh I would love to see photos. I am scheduled to get to Bordeaux and I can’t wait. Safe travels! I hope you are having a lovely trip.

  10. Thanks for putting this list together Rebecca!
    I’m checking it against what I have packed so far for an upcoming trip, so far so good! I especially like your tip about carrying a small change pouch instead of carrying everything at once!

    I’m lusting over the J.Crew leather jacket, it’s gorgeous, that’s an item I’d love to own 🙂

    • The change pouch is key! I never want to worry about losing my entire wallet or have it get stolen. You unfortunately have to worry about gypsies in Paris…

      The J.Crew Jacket is amazing!!

      Have the best trip! I can’t wait to hear about it! xo