What to Pack for Paris in the Autumn

You have either booked your ticket for Paris or thinking about visiting Paris. Autumn in Paris is one of my favorite times. You city is full of color and shades of reds and yellows. The weather can be beautiful in the Early Autumn but towards the end of October, the weather turns. So the big question is what do you pack for your trip? This was my fourth October in Paris so through trial and error here is what I recommend for your suitcase


I recommend bringing a leather jacket and a trench coat. If you have to choose one or the other for space I would say a leather jacket. As it turns colder at the end of October/ early November I would suggest bringing a heavier jacket

rebecca plotnick paris in the fall

Scarves :

Parisians use this accessory as a staple. Whether it be to add another layer of color or texture to their outfit or to keep warm a scarf is essential. I picked one up a Galleries Lafayette on my last trip but you can certainly grab one of these classic options here or here. I made the mistake of not packing one for Spring and purchased a few to help keep me warm. Lesson learned Paris weather can be unpredictable. Better safe than sorry. I always pack an extra large one for the plane that can be large enough for a blanket. My Aunt got me hooked on this and I can’t travel without the one she sent me years ago. 



Boots are essential and you want to have comfortable walking boots for Paris. If it rains, you want something that is water resistant but still cute. I have two pairs of these boots in black and grey. I posted these for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale as my favorite find. Wellies are really big in the States but I rarely see French woman walking around in rain boots no matter how bad the rain is. I love these over the knee black flat boots or these are great riding boots. I am a huge fan of the bootie and packed a pair of high heeled booties but didn’t wear them much. Paris is filled with cobblestones and heels aren’t the easiest to get around. You can always grab a taxi or uber if you are going out to get around the city. I will pack a pair of ballet flats for the trip too. My favorite is by yosi samara. These have been tested on the streets of Paris. 10 miles a day for weeks and they have held up great. 

For my full list of favorite walking shoes, you can read this post.


Sweaters are essential in Paris because it does get cold. The colder months are damp and cold they aren’t dry like other cities. I love packing one large sweater which I call a café sweater that is perfect for sitting in a café on a cold rainy day in Paris. Some of my favorite sweaters include this one and I just purchased two of these bodysuits that are the most comfortable things! I will be wearing them on repeat in Paris. 

This sweater has been a reader favorite. I bought it in red earlier this year and can’t wait to wear it in Paris. Size down. I ordered a Small and returned it for an XS.

cafe sweater for paris france what to pack for paris in the autumn by everyday parisian

paris in the autumn

The dress I wore in Paris is old but I still own and wear it all the time. This is a similar version for sale here.

fit and flare black dress perfect for Paris everyday parisian

paris in black and white rebecca plotnick on the seine



Half of my suitcase was dresses this past trip and it made traveling so easy! I love dresses with boots and stockings or leggings. I had a lot of meetings so this was an easy look to throw together and wear all day long from morning until night. Jeans are perfectly acceptable but I think it all depends on how you dress them up or down. I wouldn’t wear athletic shoes outside and around the city. It is much better to have comfortable walking boots or flats. I love these leather leggings to wear with sweaters. 

When it comes to bottoms, jeans are acceptable but just wear them in good taste. No crazy rips or shredded styles. Keep it simple and classy. Leave the Lululemon at home if you can or if you must save it for the flight to and from.


I love the idea of a cross body bag in Paris to keep your valuables close by and if you aren’t lugging around a big camera like me it is a great option. When traveling to and from Paris I carry this bag from Cuyana that I have mentioned before. It literally holds everything and gets better with age. I also pack a larger Longchamp bag for the flight home. This saves me from the possible overweight bag I might encounter at the airport. I can transfer some items in here and take off some weight. 

Photo by Liam Graham Haehnle

Photo by Liam Graham Haehnle

My toiletry Bag is important to keep everything organized and clean. I love my Cuyana travel bags for this. I can put makeup in one and my toiletries in another. This past trip I brought along my own shampoo/conditioner from home. My hair never does well with the Paris pollution and water. It is best to go with what I know and love. I have fallen for this Klorane shampoo and conditioner that will be going with me to Paris. 



Parisians aren’t big on heavy makeup. The look is clean and effortless with a great red lip. I love this sisley mascara, red lip twist, and this blush to keep my cheeks pink and lively in the cold weather. 

This post does include affiliate links which puts a little bit of research money for coffee and croissants in my pocket. Merci! 

All photos of me taken by Iheart Paris

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  1. Rebecca ,love your blog !! Thank you I love the tips you give and how you even let us know where to get it !!!! Love the photos and I love the photo with you in the jeans and white shirt I just wish you would of had your lovely face .

  2. This is an excellent article. I am heading to Spain and Portugal next April and a good trench coat would be excellent. For the just in case.

  3. I love reading packing posts! This is what started my blog reading years ago, i was already obsessed with Youtube so had watched plenty of packing videos. I started researching what to wear for my month trip to Paris 2012.

  4. Thanks for this Rebecca! My nephew and girlfriend will travel to Paris in October. Am going to definitely share this with them, as I have been doing with your other posts. Keep up the great work, which I love so much! Oh, have a nice trip, can’t wait for photos. Need to plan to go some day as well. 🙂

  5. I love this list! Thank you. Have you ever been to Au Petit Suisse? It’s near Le Jardin du Luxembourg on Rue de Vaugirard. I had what I think was the BEST croissant in Paris there. If you get a chance, please check it out and let me know what you think! Have a wonderful trip!

  6. This is a great fall list! We just got back from Paris last Thursday. Since it was a more transitional time between summer and fall I wore dresses with either a blazer or a cardigan (often just carried it), and always had a scarf on hand. I brought a short trench but only wore it one night. I stuck with little black dresses, black & white dresses, one black jumpsuit and accented with colorful scarves. French women seemed to be wearing a lot of dresses with trenches or pants (not so much jeans) with blazers in the slouchy way they pull off so well. Have a great trip!

    • Hi Trinity,

      Thank you so much! I hope you had a great trip! My friend mentioned that there was a lot of denim and black combo. I packed dresses and a leather jacket. Hopefully it won’t be too chilly. It looks like I am leaving an Indian Summer for Autumn weather.


  7. Have a great & safe trip Rebecca. St Emilion & Bordeaux were fabulous so I hope that you get there too. I’m off to the UK tomorrow so will post some photos as soon as I am able. best wishes Judith

    • Thank you so much! Oh I would love to see photos. I am scheduled to get to Bordeaux and I can’t wait. Safe travels! I hope you are having a lovely trip.

  8. Thanks for putting this list together Rebecca!
    I’m checking it against what I have packed so far for an upcoming trip, so far so good! I especially like your tip about carrying a small change pouch instead of carrying everything at once!

    I’m lusting over the J.Crew leather jacket, it’s gorgeous, that’s an item I’d love to own 🙂

    • The change pouch is key! I never want to worry about losing my entire wallet or have it get stolen. You unfortunately have to worry about gypsies in Paris…

      The J.Crew Jacket is amazing!!

      Have the best trip! I can’t wait to hear about it! xo