Ideas for Self Care

ideas for self care at home

I think it is safe to say a lot of us are experiencing election stress and pandemic stress. I took some time away from the computer this week and it was nice to unplug for a bit. I thought it would be helpful to share some self-care ideas to help you keep calm and any additional stress.

Retail Therapy

I had an outdoor lunch with my friend Ashley this week and she said she made a dent at the Sephora sale. I did some skincare shopping this week as well. I think when it comes to retail therapy, we are looking for something that will comfort us. This includes beauty treatments, candles, and makeup. This is my favorite candle for hanging at home. The smell is heavenly. These eye patches help with dark circles and puffiness from lack of sleep. I think we are all there this week.

klorane paris eye patches

Only do this if you have the budget to do so. Part of my 100-day challenge was to not buy beauty products but I have done so well with French and yoga, I gave in and placed an order.

Go for a Walk

Enjoy the Fall colors if you have them. Take a walk and get some fresh air and leave your phone at home.

Listen to Music

I have a few Spotify lists you can listen to here. I love to cook and listen to music.

Take a Hot Bath/Shower

Watch Netflix.

The Queens Gambit is 7 episodes that are an hour long each. This will keep you busy!

Bake/Cook Something

This is my go-to when it comes to unplugging. I made a Lemon Blueberry Bundt cake this week and it was so big I had to give some to the neighbors.


This always makes me feel 10 pounds lighter. Plus, you can use the extra items you clear out to donate to people in need. This holiday season, there will be more people than ever that need donations.

Call a Friend

Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Make a Facetime date and catch up.

Take a Yoga Class

I have been loving the yoga classes on Peloton. The first 30 days are free to try it out.


I use this Peloton app to meditate to help me fall asleep.

Comfy Clothes

Stress Eat

I think in moderation, it is okay to stress eat. I know I have had a pit in my stomach all week but I am so hungry all the time.

Do you have a favorite way of self-care?

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  1. Actually, spending time reading your blog, Rebecca, and perusing some links you propose is a bit like self-care. I take time out to enjoy it slowly over a cup of some special tea and without any distractions. Thank you so much!

  2. I love your blog. During this weird time your suggestions are fabulous. I like the shopping and eating ideas the best lol. And the Eiffel Tower PJ’s are on my list. I might have enough Nordstrom notes to buy them tomorrow. Thanks for posting wonderful and uplifting content
    Fondly, Betty

    • Thank you, Betty! It has been such a strange year and a difficult one. I think we could all use self-care right now. Shopping and eating are great options 🙂 The Eiffel Tower pajamas are so cute. I hope you indulge if it is right for you. I am sure they will make you smile every time you wear them. Keep in touch. xo

  3. Thank you for this distraction! Much needed right now as we wait…and wait….and wait some more. Hope you are doing well, and I hope we will have an election decision soon. 🙂

    • Thank you, Amy! I know we could all use some self-care right now and everyone has different things that work for them. I hope the list helps while we wait 🙂