Black and White Paris Gallery Wall

black and white Paris gallery wall everyday parisian

I have been dreaming of a Black and White Paris Gallery Wall for years. It took a move and a Pandemic to finally make it happen. Originally, this wall was going to have a TV and a console underneath, but my dresser ended up fitting the space better and I didn’t really want a TV on the wall in the room I call the library. This is where I read the paper, drink coffee, and work from the couch. (shh!)

I ordered shelves from Pottery Barn and it took months and they continued to be on backorder so I ended up with Ikea shelves for a fraction of the original price. The frames are a combination of Target and CB2 and they are all my photographs from Paris. I don’t think it is finished yet. It is a work in progress. The bottom right needs a different frame and the bottom left is my favorite photo right now. I am instantly transported to Paris. This entire wall makes me so happy!

You can do the same in your own home with your own photographs from traveling/your family or my Paris photographs from The Print Shop.

black and white paris gallery wall everyday parisian

Black and White Paris Images

From left to Right. Top to Bottom

  1. Parisian Apartments in Montmartre

  2. Winter Morning on the Seine

  3. Rainy Sunday Morning in Paris

  4. A Moment in Paris

  5. Paris Apartment Stairs

  6. Eiffel Tower View of Paris

  7. Coffee at Café de Flore

  8. Taking the Stairs in Montmartre

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