Packing For Cuba

packing for Cuba via Every Day Parisian

While you are reading this I am exploring Havana in 90-degree heat. It is a big change from the Chicago cold. Let me tell you finding clothes wasn’t so easy and I feel at the very end I didn’t come out with everything I wanted but life got busy and I have to go with the flow. 

It was very important to pack in a carry-on when you fly to Cuba because the wait time for your luggage can just be lengthy and let’s be honest I would rather be out exploring than sitting in an airport. Last year I fell in love with this carry-on suitcase from Raden. It has a charging port so I have no excuse to have a dead battery on my iPhone. Let’s be honest we have all been there!

Linen! I found two great shirts from Gap that are both white Linen which I heard is so essential in the Caribean heat.  

A bathing suit. This one I got from JCrew. I don’t know how much beach/pool time we will have but just in case. 

Flats – I tried so hard to fit my wedges in but there just wasn’t room in my carry-on. 

Sunglasses are essential along with sunscreen I asked for recommendations but ended up with these two. 

Today is National Strip Day by Jcrew so you know there are a few striped shirts in my bag! 

I love my Cuyana bags for traveling. They keep all my makeup and toiletries neat and organized. I didn’t pack a lot of makeup. Just my Sisley Blush, Mascara, and Lip twist. I am hoping to be a little bronzed on the way back. 

 My adorable niece packed me snacks for the plane tonight which was so sweet! I am bringing next month’s book with me along with a few on my kindle for review. People have been asking and it will be announced early April but if you are finished with the March Book you can read April’s book 😉 

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  1. Have an amazing time. I’m packing for my first ever overseas adventure, 5 nights in Tonga…. I’m from New Zealand. On your advice I am well organised, and even have a copy of The Little Paris Bookshop with me…Jenni

    • Thank you so much! I hope you have a fabulous adventure. Your first overseas trip. I can’t wait to hear how it goes! I am happy to hear you organized. It helps so much 🙂 How do you like the book?