15 of the Best Things to do in Paris in the Summer

Best Things to do in Paris in the Summer

15 of the Best Things to Do in Paris in the Summer

Paris in the summer is a popular destination. Summer vacations, school trips, honeymoons, and college kids spending a summer abroad. The city can be packed with tourists, so remember this when planning your trip. Earlier in summer would be best to avoid the crowds and heat waves in July. In August, a lot of the city closes down for the summer holiday, including restaurants, bakeries, and shops. I always remind people of this in August if they are planning a trip during this time. The bakery or shop on their must-visit list might be away on their summer holiday. The locals escape the city to the country or south of France and return for le rentrée at the beginning of September.

The summer can be extremely hot, and air conditioning isn’t standard in all hotels and apartments. Make sure to do some research before booking your accommodations. The sun sets late and can be after 10 pm.

Paris in the summer

If you are planning a summer trip to Paris or thinking of one for the future, this post will give you ideas on what to do in Paris. You can use this packing guide if you need help on what to pack for your upcoming trip.

This post is on what to pack for Paris in the summer.

What to pack for paris in the summer

Summer in Paris: Bastille Day

Bastille Day is always a popular time in France. On July 14th, there are fireworks in front of the Eiffel Tower to celebrate and a parade down the Champs Élysées that starts at the Arc de Triumph. You can picnic with the rest of Paris on the Champs des Mars. I would recommend trying to find an apartment or balcony you can enjoy the fireworks and celebrations that are a little less crowded. I have never been to Paris on Bastille Day, and it would be something to do at least once.

French Markets

Visit the local French markets to experience French culture. See how the French shop at the meat and cheese vendors. The stalls with the longest lines usually have the best fruits, vegetables, and cheeses. For tips on how to shop at a French market like a local, you can check out this post. This is one of my favorite things to do. I love going to the Bastille market, which is on Thursdays and Sundays. The best time to go is early morning before it gets too crowded. This is around 8 – 9 am. Thursdays are less crowded than Sundays, and I find that the prices are a little better.

what to do in paris in the summer everyday parisan

Summer Picnic on the Banks of the Seine

Picnic at Banks of the Seine | what to do in paris in the summer

Take some time to hang out and people watch on the banks of the Seine. This is a great way to meet French people. You can take a bottle of wine, baguette, and cheese and make a little picnic. You will see the banks filled with people from the Marais to the Eiffel Tower. There isn’t a wrong place to spend an afternoon or evening. Just head towards the river Seine when you are ready to take a break and rest your feet.

picnic in paris summer activity everyday parisian

Jardin des Tuileries

You can spend time here walking through the gardens, people-watching from the green chairs around the fountains, or letting your children run in the park. Some kid-friendly activities in the Jardin des Tuileries include a playground and carousel. This is a perfect place for a picnic or ice cream break. In July and August, the Fête des Tuileries includes carnival rides, games, and food. You can also ride the Ferris wheel, which gives a great city view.

what to do in Paris in the summer

Jardin des Tuileries | what to do in paris in the summer everyday parisian

Paris Plages

Along the banks of the seine in the summer months, you will see the Paris plages pop up, which are man-made beaches for those that can’t escape the city. This happens between July 9th and August 21st.

Ice Cream in Paris

berthillon ice cream everyday parisian

Cool off with an ice cream in Paris. Berthillon is the famous ice cream that can be found on île st louis. There will be long lines, especially on the weekends. I enjoyed Alain Ducasse’s ice cream located in Palais Royal, but it can also be found in his chocolate stores around the city. The lemon sorbet was by far my favorite.

Rooftop Bars in Paris

Visit a rooftop bar to beat the heat and see the city differently. I have enjoyed Le Perchoir at the top of BHV in the Marais. Terrass Hotel has a great rooftop in Montmartre. Cheval Blanc also has a rooftop bar with an amazing city view. The department stores Galeries Lafayette and Printemps also have rooftops with iconic Eiffel Tower views of the city of light. This post includes my top 5 rooftop bars in Paris.

5 best rooftop bars in Paris with a view

galleries lafayette paris rooftop everyday parisian

Where to Picnic in Paris

I always have to picnic at least once in Paris, especially in the summer months. Suppose the banks of the Seine aren’t your preferred spot. Try the Champ de Mars in front of the Eiffel Tower. We had a picnic here during our Atlas Adventures Paris trip in October and April. We stayed until we saw the Eiffel Tower sparkle at the end of the evening. Arrive early to get a good spot, it will be busy on holidays and peak season.

everyday parisian paris picnic

Paris picnic with Eiffel tower background

Jardin du Luxembourg in the Summer

Jardin du Luxembourg| what to do in paris in the summer everyday parisian

If you prefer the Left Bank, this is one of the best places to people-watch. Stop by the Medici Fountains for a photo or sit in the green chairs surrounding the water fountains. You can picnic here or read a book. I always recommend this spot for families with kids. You can push wooden boats across the water as an activity. For a few euros, your kids will have entertainment for an hour.

boats in luxembourg gardens everyday parisian

Seine River Cruise

I recommend a Seine River cruise for your first time in Paris. I recently discovered Green River Cruises if you want something more luxurious and private. Some river cruise options are much larger and will be packed with tourists. You can try the Batobus, which offers a 2-day consecutive pass for 19 euros. Kids are 10 euros. You can use this instead of walking or taking the metro to get to different famous landmarks around the city. Hop off at Notre Dame, explore, and grab another boat to the Musée D’Orsay or the Louvre Museum.

seine river cruise everyday parisian

Explore Paris by Bike

Grab a city bike and explore the city in the early morning. I enjoyed a bike tour with Fat Tire bike tours to Versailles last fall. They take care of everything and allow you to skip the line for entrance to Versailles, which is helpful if you are short on time but want to see as many sites as possible. You can also bike around the town of Versailles and the grounds.

Fat Tire bike tours to Versailles

Watch an Outdoor Movie at the Cinema en Plein Air

This will happen at the La Villette Open Air Cinema in Paris from late July to the end of August. The theme of the year is dancing which sounds like so much fun. Give this a try if you have the time. All the details are here.

Enjoy Paris on a Café Terrace

parisian cafe people watching summer activity everyday parisian

Don’t forget to stop and take in the view of Paris from an outdoor café. Grab a seat and stay awhile. Once you have a table at a café, it is yours for the morning or afternoon. They won’t rush you away like in the US. You will have to ask for your check when you are ready. Order a soda, wine, or my favorite citron presée (lemonade). This is also a great time to practice your French and order with the waiter.

Explore the Flea Markets in Paris in the Summer Brocante

The Puces are the Parisian flea market at the top of the city. You can take the metro to the end of the line and walk or take an Uber or Taxi. Brocants (flea markets) are also in different arrondissements around the city. They will be announced each week with signs in the area. You can also check this website for places to find a flea market in Paris. You can also explore the Village St Paul close to the Marais if you don’t have time to make it to the Puces. Mache D’Aligre, close to Bastille, also has a flea market every day but Monday. The weekends are the best, especially Sundays, if you want to see some antiques or pick up something small to bring home. This is fun to explore and browse for an afternoon.

Explore the Puces/Brocante

Pro Tip

The weather can be touch and go in the summer months.

Expect warm weather but also pack comfortable shoes for long walks and a trench coat for rainy weather. I have a trench coat from Sézane that I have worn more than any other jacket in Paris over multiple seasons. You will see tons of people walking around in trench coats in Paris. If you want a more affordable version, try one from J.Crew or Mango.

trench coat sezane everyday parisian

The summer months are considered high season, and the prices are higher than other times.

Keep this in mind as you are planning your summer vacation. One of the best ways to save money on a trip to Paris is to stay in an apartment rental vs. a hotel. You can visit the local markets or grocery stores and cook meals. You can also save by taking public transportation vs. a cab or Uber. I prefer to walk most places, but if you have a destination that is too far, there are metro stations all over the city to take you exactly where you want to go.

Another way to save money is to purchase a Paris museum pass.

If you have a strategy for museums you want to visit, you can cover a few in two or three days. You can also do this if you have a few rainy days in the forecast. This also helps you avoid the long queues in the heat.

A few touristy things to skip:

I have not been to the Moulin Rouge for a cabaret show, but I have heard it is like Las Vegas. I have been to Crazy Horse which was an interesting experience. A once-a-lifetime last-minute visit that I will save the story for another time.

Be respectful of the French culture and know some basic French vocabulary.

Bonjour and Merci go a long way. Practice your language skills with the waiter, the boulangerie, or when offering a coffee. You can use this blog post on French phrases for your next trip to Paris.

If you are planning to head to the Paris Olympics in 2024 or know someone who might be. Bookmark this post for a future summer trip.

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  1. The late Tina turner wore a lot of waistcoats in off stage life. There is one she is dancing in and all the time the waistcoat stayed in place. For older women this isa good cover-up. Also plain very soft suede simple jackets to wear with summer dresses. Know where we can shop for that?

  2. If you have NOT been to the Moulin Rouge, I would have to say it is wrong not to be open and recommend it. For many years I traveled to Paris 2 to 5 times per year. I must have been there at least 100 times and at least 30 before going to the Moulin Rouge. I had to be dragged kicking and screaming and did so only because my best friend at the time begged me to take her daughter. Yikes, it is the LAST thing I wanted to do. Well, let me tell you, I was amazed at how much fun the show is. I have been at least five times now and would be game to go with anyone who would ask me. My years of “snubbing” it caused me to miss out on a lot of outstanding talent. It is not for everyone that’s for sure but I still highly recommend it. Do NOT do the dinner show is my advice only go for the Champagne Performance. I help many people plan their visits to Paris and if they express an interest in it, I tell them to go your last night in town. It is a fun and memorable way to go out with a bang. Just so you know my preference in restaurants runs from the comfy Le Bistro Paul Bert to the fancy Le Grand Vefour and of course have many neighborhood favorites that aren’t necessarily on any “lists”. I only tell you this so you can tell that I am a woman of taste and not a Las Vegas Yahoo type. Thanks for listening.

  3. Thanks, this was a terrific piece which lifted my spirits and I can’t wait to visit Paris again and soon! Thanks again.