10 Apps to Navigate Paris

15 apps to navigate paris

My first solo trip to Paris was in 2010. I didn’t have a French SIM card or wifi. I didn’t use Google Maps, I used a paper map and got lost more times than I care to admit. In 2013, I stayed unplugged most of the time. I didn’t use Instagram much (it was still fairly new) I sent emails and texts on wifi and I have to say no being connected to technology all the time really changed my entire trip for the better.

Technology has changed a lot of over the years and we are much more dependent on our phones than ever before. Apps can really help with travel when it comes to navigation, finding a cocktail in a foreign city, naming that song you love but can’t remember the artist, and finding a place to eat off the beaten track.

I have been adding to this list of apps for about a year now. It started at 10 and I had to cut it off at 15. I would love to know your favorite apps too. Comment below and share yours.

My favorite apps to navigate Paris to download for your next trip.


15 apps to navigate Paris

This is a great app to help with planning your trip. I use this to look ahead at possible flight dates to get the best deals. You can set up dates to “watch” and you will get notifications when you should go ahead and book. There are other features such as the app will tell you when to wait and when to purchase a ticket as well as great deals you never would have considered. I have gotten some great tickets using this app. I always go ahead and book directly with the airline and not through the site.

Louis Vitton App

Did you know Louis Vuitton has an app and city guide books. Download the Paris Guide for the hottest spots in the city and neighborhood guides. The app is free.


If you aren’t on Instagram yet, it is time to set up an account. This is a great way to discover new places in Paris. There are always new coffee shops, boulangeries, and restaurants opening up. Make sure to follow Every Day Parisian.

Flash Invaders

15 apps to navigate Paris

This is fun for adults and kids. There is a mysterious street artist that has left Flash Invaders all over the city of Paris in different locations. Some are harder to locate than others and there is an app that tracks points. If you are traveling with kids, this may make walking the streets of Paris more fun if it is one big game to collect points.


If you are in a bar or restaurant and hear a local band or song, you can grab the song details from Shazam. Create your own vacation playlist with songs from your trip.


Citymapper is great for navigating Point A to Point B in Paris. It will tell you a breakdown on how to get there via Bus, Metro, or bike. This App got the most questions when I posted on Instagram because it will also tell you how many calories you will burn if you walk. The app will even break down how much of a croissant or how many escargot you will burn.

52 Martinis Paris Cocktails App

If you are looking for a great cocktail in Paris, there is an App for that. Narrow down your search by Happy Hour, terrace, rooftop and more to find the perfect cocktail spot.


15 apps to navigate paris

To prepare for your upcoming trip to Paris, practice your language skills with Duolingo.

Google Maps

15 apps to navigate paris

This may seem obvious but you can actually use Google Maps without using data. You can put your point of interest in while on wifi and turn it off before you leave. The maps will still guide you to your destination. You can download some of the google maps I have shared on the blog including Where to Eat and Drink here.

Sunset and Sunrise

Never miss a sunset or sunrise in Paris with this app. Catch the first light and the last light with the exact timing. Set future dates to plan ahead. The sunset in Paris in Summer is around 10pm and the sunrise in Paris in October can be as late as 8 am.

paris sunset in the summer everyday parisian

Paris Metro Map

15 apps to navigate Paris everyday parisian

If you plan to use public transportation in Paris, the Paris Metro Map is a great resource. Check times for the first and last trains and be aware of train delays with announcements through the app.

La Fourchette/The Fork 

15 apps to navigate paris everyday parisian

Discover the best restaurants in Paris or search a favorite cuisine. Book a table right on your phone.

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  1. I was a little skeptical when I saw Louis Vuitton, but you nailed these apps. Taking my 13 year old this week. Had been seeing YouTube videos of the Invaders over the past month. She is going to love that! Thank you.

    • Hi Greg,

      Thank you for trusting me!! I hope you have the best time with your daughter. Eat a croissant for me. Make sure to pack a good warm scarf for both of you.


  2. I would also recommend downloading a map of Paris via google maps app – it makes navigating easier when you want to conserve data. I do this when driving in other countries so I can continue to navigate if we get to a place with spotty coverage.

  3. We have loved Ulman Paris because it lets you plan ahead and add in and catagorize all the places you want to visit. It also allows you to share your entries with other people.