Paris Concierge Insider Secrets : Hotel Grand Powers

Thibault Loupias Concierge Grand Powers Hotel

Thibault Loupias Concierge Grand Powers Hotel

I first discovered Hotel Grand Powers back in 2016. I stayed for two nights in mid-January and I fell in love with the hotel. I can’t quite explain what drew me to the hotel, it had great energy, charm, and history. It is a hotel that I always suggest to readers when they are visiting Paris. I stayed again in 2017 in the Fall before the hotel went under a complete renovation. Hotel Grand Powers reopened on January 4, 2019, with a whole new look.

I would like to introduce Thibault Loupias, the head concierge at Hotel Grand Powers. Thibault was kind enough to share some Paris insider secrets with all of you in this blog post including his favorite places in Paris. (all in the google map). I sat down with Thibault over coffee back in November to propose the idea and talk all things Paris. I put him to the test with a few suggestions for me during my visit. I like to think I know Paris pretty well, but Thibault made two recommendations for spots I hadn’t thought/didn’t know and really made my trip even better.

Hotel Grand Powers is located close to the Champs-Elysées but I was looking for a classic non-touristy spot for dinner for one. He recommended Chez Savy where I had the most amazing duck. The other request was a spot for drinks. A friend had suggested The Ritz for drinks but I have been and I wanted to try something different. Thibault recommended The Saint James Hotel. I ended up walking there from the hotel after catching the most amazing sunset on the Seine. The Saint James Hotel had been on my list for years but I always forgot about it when it came to crunch time. The night that Thibault planned was one of the favorites of my trip. He has my complete trust in recommendations. I hope you enjoy this post and his view of Paris.

You can save this Google Map of all of Thibault’s favorite spots in Paris on your phone.

How long has the Grand Powers been open?

hotel powers five star hotel rebecca plotnick

The Grand Powers is nobly installed in the heart of the Parisian Golden Triangle since 1920.

What was the renovation process like from Hotel Powers to Grand Powers?

The quintessence of Parisian chic, they preserved the grandiose volumes, the refinement of moldings and antique fireplaces. Their specially designed furniture is a tribute to the design of the last 100 years.

Before (this is right before the hotel closed for renovation)

hotel grand powers paris france

After (this is right after they opened in 2019)

hotel grand powers five star hotel paris france rebecca plotnick

Can you tell me a little about the hotel and what makes it special?

This 5-star residence offers a virtuosity of balance between heritage and invention.

Sublimate the old, magnify the heritage, celebrate modernity and understated elegance, these were the keywords of this reinvention since we reopened on January 4th, 2019.

hotel grand powers rebecca plotnick

The 50 rooms and suites offer a soft and cozy atmosphere, timeless, warm and bright.

hotel grand powers five star hotel paris france rebecca plotnick

hotel grand powers five star hotel paris france rebecca plotnick

hotel grand powers paris five star hotel rebecca plotnick

Our staff makes it very special. 4 specific values, describe us: Human, excellence, commitment, and sincerity.

Can you describe to readers where the hotel is located in the city of Paris?

 The GP is located in the very chic and modern Golden Triangle, the 8th district of Paris: Avenue Montaigne, Champs Elysées & George  V.

grand powers five star hotel paris france rebecca plotnick

Where is the best spot to get coffee close to the hotel?

BRASSERIE BAROCHE : Close to the Champs Elysées, in a “loft” spirit, several formulas are at your disposal whether it is for your breakfasts, lunches, or dinners.

The Baroche brasserie makes it a point of honor to offer you quality products and a tailor-made welcome.

What is a secret about Grand Powers most people don’t know?

During the liberation of Paris in 1944, the bar of the Grand Powers was the most coveted by American G.I

What is the most requested dinner reservation in Paris? Where should people be going instead?

The most requested dinner reservation in Paris for many years is the restaurant COSTES

People love to go there for people watching and the atmosphere, but trust me, it’s not worth going. Instead, I could recommend a lot of incredible places, but for a trendy dinner, I would recommend the CAFÉ DE L’HOMME, facing the Eiffel Tower.

what to do in paris in the winter everyday parisian

What is your best advice for enjoying Paris in the Winter?

Many Parisians hate the winter in Paris but, this is more enjoyable than summer when it’s too warm. Despite appearances, there’s plenty to do during your winter visit to the elegant capital, as well as opportunities for day trips. Many activities will be indoors but provided that you pack correctly and bundle up, and it’s not too wet out, a wintery walk through a gorgeous Parisian park or an evening stroll around the brilliantly lit streets can be mesmerizing and peaceful. Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, or with the whole family, striking for a good balance between indoor and outdoor activities will ensure your winter sojourn in the French capital is adventurous and warming.

What is the best café for people watching?

CAFÉ FLORE in St Germain des Prés is the number 1. You can spend your day sitting inside or outside on the terrace and watch people.

cafe de flore paris france best place to people watch rebecca plotnick

Top pastry or patisserie that should not be missed?

Christophe Michalak patisserie is for me the reference. A mix of elegance, fun, and modernity, like the Grand Powers!

My readers are a mix of couples and solo travelers. Where would you recommend for a place to eat for a solo female traveler? Romantic evening in Paris?

For the solo female traveler, I always recommend my favorite French bistro called Chez Fernand located in the 6th district of Paris on rue Christine. Baptiste the owner and manager is a real gem. He and his colleagues always take extra care of our ladies.

A romantic evening in Paris will be at the restaurant GRANDCOEUR located in the Marais. The young and very talented chef Nino suggests you a Mediterranean cuisine. The atmosphere and decoration of the restaurant are out of time…

What is one exhibition or museum you shouldn’t miss in Paris?

The Leonard Da Vinci exhibit at the Louvre. Very hard to get tickets but we can make it happen for you at the Concierge desk ;).

My favorite museum is the Jacquemart André located not too far from the Grand Powers.

Rain is always in the forecast when it comes to Paris, what is your top recommendation for a rainy afternoon? 

A visit of the Catacombs, following by lunch at Le Loire dans la Theière in the Marais and a spa treatment at the Grand Powers by Dermalogica!

My readers love to explore off the beaten path locations in Paris. Could you recommend a shopping street or boutique that may not be known for them to discover?

One of my favorite shopping streets is Rue Vieille du Temple, with many exclusives brands and pop up stores. I do recommend often the boutique L’Exception, a beautiful concept store in the 1st arrondissement.

What are men wearing when it comes to fashion. What should they pack for Paris to fit in?


–       A cashmere pair of gloves and scarf

–       A pair of boots

–       A Balenciaga t-shirt

–       A Dior shirt

–       A shiny suit jacket from YSL for the night

–       The large GG wool backpack from Gucci

–       A Dsquared2 jean

–       The shaping pomade for your hair & the face moisturizer from House 99

 What are your favorite family-friendly activities in Paris?  

Do you know our National sport? La pétanque! We give classes to our client and I can tell you this is our favorite!

We do recommend as well a Scavenger Hunt in the Louvre, a cooking/pastry class, and a sports event in the city for our young clients who love football!

Hotel Grand Powers Concierge Thibault Loupias

About you!

Where did you work before Grand Powers?

I worked at the Bel Ami Hotel located in St Germain des prés for 6 years. Then I moved to the Grand Hotel du Palais Royal in the 1st arrondissement for 2 years and I am from now at the Grand Powers for a new adventure.

Where are you from?

I was born in VERNON, a very little city located nearby Giverny where you can discover Claude Monet’s house & Gardens. But, I had to move to the south of France nearby Toulouse at 7 yo. I consider myself a southerner even if I do not deny my origins!

What is your favorite arrondissement in Paris?

MARAIS is my favorite arrondissement. When I arrived in Paris 10 years ago my first apartment was located in the Latin quarter but I had to move to another one and I chose the Marais. I spent 5 years in the same flat. The location is absolutely perfect, everything is walking distance and it never sleeps. You can enjoy a full day in this district. When I recommend some good shops, boutiques, café & restaurants over there, most of my clients are going there at least two times during their stay.

There is always a new restaurant/bar in Paris. What are you most looking forward to opening in 2020?


After having decided to return his star to the Michelin Guide (obtained in 2012) and to close his restaurant Le Quinzième in June 2019, Cyril Lignac opens a new table there … towards Italy!

The famous Chef unveils his new concept: Ischia (the name of an Italian island off Naples), a transalpine restaurant with a pretty terrace for sunny days…

Describe your perfect day in Paris? Where would you spend Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner if you could go anywhere?

My favorite day :

–       FRAGMENTS: expresso bar breakfast

–       Lunch at IPPUDO near the Palais Royal Gardens

–       Dinner at FIEF from the young chef Victor Mercier

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  2. Hi Rebecca – How do you save the google map with Thibault’s recommendations. It isn’t letting me do so. Thanks for any guidance.

  3. Great idea Rebecca! Looking forward to more interviews. (And Thibault is easy on the eyes too 😉!) I’m really getting excited for my trip in the fall!

    • Thank you, Kimberly! The series will continue more this year. I can’t wait to share secret spots in Paris. Thibault is very easy on the eyes. I checked and he is taken 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Kristin! I am so happy you liked the post. It was a lot of fun to put together and Thibault has some amazing recommendations about Paris to discover.