How much Should You Budget for A Trip to Paris

how much should I budget for a trip to Paris

I recently received an email from a reader for restaurant recommendations for Paris with a daily budget. I thought this would help a good amount of readers figure out a budget and what to expect to spend in Paris so I turned it into a blog post. While the original email was just about meals, I wanted to cover transportation as well as hotels to give more information.

how much should I budget for a trip to Paris
how much should I budget for a trip to Paris

Cost of getting to and from CDG

1. Taxi 55 Euros

2. Train 11. 40 Euros

3. Bus 12.50

4. Uber 55 euros

5. Private Car 75 euros

How to get from CDG to Paris

Meals in Paris


If your breakfast is not included in your room rate at your hotel, I would recommend skipping it. The hotel breakfast can be pricey. Parisian breakfast is typically a tartine (toast) and jam/croissant and a coffee. If you have an apartment, you can easily pick up a baguette for around 1 euro/ 1 euro 50 and butter at your local Monoprix for a few dollars as well as jam. This is the most cost effective. You can also get fresh orange juice at the grocery store for as little as 2 euros. It is my guilty pleasure and the machine juices it right in front of you. At a café, the price will be closer to 5 euros.

Croissants are around 1 euro to 1 euro 30 centime. You want to order a croissant au beurre not ordinaire.

how much should I budget for a trip to Paris

If you need help on how to order at a Boulangerie, you can check out this post.

For enjoying a Parisian breakfast on a terrace. The price is around 8 – 13 euros.

My full list of favorites in Paris is located on this map.

how much should I budget for a trip to Paris


If you drink your coffee at the bar versus drinking it at a table, the price is different. It will be around 1 euro – 1 euro 30 centime if you are drinking an expresso at the bar. At a table the cost would be 3 euros. A café crème can be around 2 euros to 2 euros 50 centime at the bar and around 5 euros at a table.

how much should I budget for a trip to paris everyday parisian

Be on the lookout for a bar menu at Parisian cafés. The prices will be posted where you can see them so you know what to expect.

A craft coffee spot such as Boot Café or Fragments (full list here) will run around 5 euros for take away or if you drink it there. The price will be the same.

how much should I budget for a trip to Paris

Lunch in Paris

Lunch can be a great option to try a restaurant in Paris without breaking the bank. They have set menus which allow you to have an entreé + plat or a plat + dessert for a reduced price. Some restaurants will offer a plat du jour and that is the only special that is offered that day for the special menu. Make sure to ask your server.

how much should I budget for a trip to Paris

This was lunch on a Saturday at a typical French spot in St Paul. Duck and a glass of wine was around 27 euros.

how much should I budget for a trip to Paris

A smoked salmon plate which is plenty of food and a glass of wine at La Favorite in The Marais was under 20 euros.

Budget Friendly Options for Lunch in Paris

Chez Gladines is a favorite with students in Paris are there are several locations now.

L’as du Fallafel in The Marais is a great option for a cheap lunch. Take it to go and eat it at a nearby park.

Breizh Cafe for crêpes or galettes.

Le Progrès on Rue de Bretagne has steak friîtes for around 14 euros.

Miznon has two locations and is a personal favorite. It is an Israeli spot with locations on Canal St Martin and The Marais. Pita sandwiches will run around 10 euros

I recently ate at Petit Cambodge and loved it. Bobun was around 12 euros – 15 euros.

Au Petit Fer à Cheval offers a Plat du Jour for 13 euros and sandwiches for 5.50 euros.

You can also pick up a baguette sandwich at a local Boulangerie for around 5-7 euros and take it to any park if the weather is nice.

I love a good picnic. You can shop at a local Monoprix grocery or pick up a baguette and cheese at a local fromagerie.

L’Avant Comptoir can be an inexpensive lunch option as well.

Croque Monsieur will run you around 7-9 euros and a salad 12 -15 euros. I love the Caesar salad at Marcel.

Specify which type of water you want when you order. Un carafe d’eau will get you table water which is perfectly fine in Paris. If you order bottled water, it can run you around 5 euros. This is when wine cost the same as water.

For my Full List on Where to Eat and Drink in Paris


how much should i budget for a trip to paris everyday parisian

Wine can cost on average from 5 – 12 euros per glass.


how much should I budget for a trip to paris everyday parisian

Dinner Plats can average around 18-28 euros per person.

Tasting Menus are on average 68- 80 euros

Some to consider:

Verjus 68 (additional for wine parings)

Frenchie 74 Euros

Septime 80 euros.

Museum Pass

I highly recommend getting the Museum Pass if you are planning to visit a few museums in Paris. It will not only save you money but also, time! There are separate lines for museum pass holders which means less waiting. Versailles is a great example of saving time. Preorder yours online ahead of time or you can purchase them in Paris at the Tourists Office on Avenue de l’Opéra.


2 Days 48 Euros

4 Days 62 Euros

6 Days 74 Euros


Budget Friendly Hotels are around 125 – 150 a night. I rounded up 10 Budget Friendly Hotels in this blog post.

how much should I budget for a trip to Paris

10 Boutique Hotels in Paris from Budget to Luxury

4 star hotels are around $200-$400 a night. 5 Star hotels can run around $400-$600 per night depending on the hotel.

how much should I budget for a trip to Paris


A metro ticket is 1.90 euros per ride. You can buy a carnet (10 pack) for 14.90

Is there something I missed? Comment below if you have questions on the cost of additional things in Paris to help you budget your trip.


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  1. We got “skip the line” tickets online for everything we wanted to see when we were there two weeks ago. This was priceless, because the lines were crazy! We also signed up for tours that way. Thanks for the great tips, I wish I had seen this post before I went!

    • Thank you, Colleen! I hope you had a great trip. The skip the line tickets are so worth the additional money. Time is short and so valuable when you are traveling.


  2. Can I just become your BFF and bring you with us next year when we go back to Paris??? 😜 Your articles are great and you should really write a book, because your info is so much more helpful than most travel sites when it comes to Paris. Merci’

    • Hi Sara!

      Of course! When do we leave? I will mark my calendar. Thank you so much. I am so happy to help with your trip. I really hope you have the best time in Paris. I would love to write a book. It’s my dream.


  3. Wonderful post! Thank you for sharing. Consider another travel post on what you’ve budgeted for one week to one month in various fave locations. Equally fascinating… Wishing you continued success & blessings!

    • Hi Mary,

      Thank you so much! I can work on that when I am back in the Fall. That is a great idea.

      I appreciate your support.


  4. On the Metro tickets, we purchased a pass for so many days at the same place we got the museum pass and used only ONE ticket the whole time. It worked out better for us as we rode the Metro quite a lot and best of all we only had one ticket to keep up with. In the past it was frustrating to remember where the unused tickets were from the used in my pockets. My first trip to Paris with my daughter after her study abroad, we got a Navigo pass which worked even better.

    • Thank you, Victoria! That is great to note that the one ticket was much better than the carnet. They can get tricky trying to find the unused ones and keep them organized.

  5. One thing I always recommend to girlfriends who go to Paris is the shopping / souvenir budget. I tell them whatever they had planned, to double it! Not so much for the expense but just walking by all the shops, they will find things they can’t resist / didn’t plan on buying.