Links I Love Week 19

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms, Grandmas, and Aunties out there!

The 12 Best Unknown Landmarks in Paris. This is fun to discover a new part of Paris as you explore this list.

Paris Hotels: The 17 Best According to CN Traveler. I knew a lot of these but there were still some new ones on the list I have yet to discover.

The most seven common dreams decoded. Does anyone else have crazy dreams at certain times of the month?

Tips for Traveling Solo in Paris from Fat Tire Tours

How to Make Parisians Love You (follow these culture rules)

Ikea Opens A Store in The Center of Paris

I recently bought one of these suitcases for my trip to Paris and I love it so much. I will be packing in this carry on for Italy and France this Summer.

LOFT just introduced Loft Littles and it is adorable! Match your little one with these adorable Spring fashions.

50 Little Social Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow.

Paris is Removing Its Iconic Kiosks and What Will Become of Them

Paris Bans E-scooters from Sidewalks. I was afraid to try them the last few trips to Paris. Has anyone tried them?

I am ALL about comfy pajamas. These look perfect for Summer.

A classic Paris bistro is now gone on the Left Bank and replaced with a more modern restaurant. The image of Le Petit Zinc is available in the Print Shop here. 

Thoughts on blogging burnout. This hit home for me. Creativity comes in waves. I have to write down all my ideas when they flood in and then there are times where I am completely stuck which I now know is completely normal.

A Walk through Palais Royal

This color block throw is on sale for $29.00

5 Tips You Need to Know before Going to Paris

Is Dancing the Kale of Exercise? I do it every day.

Salon du Chocolat is coming to NYC this November

I can’t wait until August 7th! Anyone else a fan of Beverly Hills 90201? Luke Perry will be missed.

A French Restaurant with a “rotating carousel” bar is coming to the Loop in Chicago

How much you should budget for a trip to Paris

The one Netflix show you should binge watch this weekend. I just started watching and I am hooked. It is only 10 episodes so totally doable in a weekend right?

How Bloggers Make Money, Jess Keys says it better than I could. She is a MUCH more established blogger than me. I don’t have partnership opportunities like she does. Hopefully one day.

My friend Meghan shared this post on her blog, How to Get a Room Upgrade. This is all great advice. I always suggest booking directly with the hotel.

I had a facial at Leah Chavie this week which she ended up zapping a lot of my sun damage from previous years right off. Currently, I have what looks like HUGE freckles on my cheeks and nose which should flake off in the next week. I was not careful as a kid at Summer camp and I am paying the price. I had crazy sun spots on my forehead too which is one of the reasons I have bangs now! When it comes to sunscreen, reapply often and I really LOVE SuperGoop. It isn’t greasy at all which is one of the things I hate about sunscreen. Do you have a favorite?

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