5 Apps to Learn French on the Go

5 Apps To Learn French on The Go via Every Day Parisian

I was at my regular French Lesson with Caroline this week and she mentioned a few good apps to practice my French during the week. This is a great way to learn when you have a few minutes of down time. Just a little bit of practice goes a long way to keep it fresh in your brain. Some of these I already had on my list and a few were courtesy of Caroline. 

1. Babbel – This one I discovered on my own but gets great ratings. You have the option to do it online here or download it for your phone.  You can start as a beginner or take their placement course. Signing up with your email allows them to track your progress and remember where you are in your lessons. I really like this one! 

5 apps to learn french on the go everyday parisian

2. The classic Duolingo I have been using this one for years. I feel it is probably the most known app for language learning. I used to use this one before going to Paris a few years ago. You can practice for a few minutes a day to keep your language skills up. A great option if you have a little time to carve out each day. 

5 apps to learn french on the go everyday parisian

3. Cram – Create and share online flashcards. I used to use this method when I was in school way before apps. I had flashcards all over the house. This is a much easier method and you can share your set of flashcards with others. 

5 apps to learn French on the go

4. Memrise was a recommendation by Caroline. It is a fun way to learn with variations on each French phrase to help you remember it better. I really like this approach to learning French.

5 apps to learn french on the go

5. Brainscape This is another online flashcard app. If this is something that helps you learn by repetition then it is a great option. 

5 apps to learn french on the go

Bonus: Caroline also shared the app Kanopy which I shared in an earlier newsletter/links I love. You have to have a valid library card to have access but you can watch French movies. Caroline has been pushing me to do this, but I haven’t had time yet. 

A huge merci to Caroline for helping me with my French and pushing me to learn more and practice in between lessons. If you are in Chicago and would like to sign up for lessons, you can contact me for her email privately.

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  1. I learnt my French which is basic via Duolingo. I did start with Babell but I didn’t pay to keep it going. I was hopeless however I managed to learn enough to understand some French. Im trying to learn Spanish now for my trip to Spain next year.