What I am Packing for Summer Vacation

the beach on the Summer Vacation

I am officially off to the beach. I have a house rented in Hilton Head for the week. Also, I haven’t been since I was a kid and I am looking forward to being back in a place I have such fond memories. It will be so different seeing it through the eyes of an adult and I am sure it has changed a bunch in 30 years.

What I am Packing for Summer Vacation

I always prefer to pack in a carry-on so I don’t have to worry about the wait for luggage at the airport and risk the loss of a suitcase. It is much easier to do in the Summer vs Winter because dresses are way easier to pack than sweaters. These packing cubes help me stay organized.

This packing round will be much more casual than in Italy. I don’t plan on leaving the house much besides going to the beach, walking for coffee, or a bike ride. So, I packed a few books to read and I hope I can snag one more at the airport. I have the habit of reading a lot of WWII France books (currently reading this one) and I need something light and fun.

Sun protection is important. I will stay out of the sun as much as possible and make sure to layer on the sunscreen and wear sunglasses and a hat as much as possible. There is a pool at the house which is an added bonus.

I plan on working out and being active this trip. So, my Zella and Lululemon leggings are a must along with these sports bras, and a tank.

Summer Vacation Outfits

For swimwear, I have a few bikinis from J.Crew that I love along with this one-piece Summersalt suit.

I tend to wear the same outfits on rotation which include cut-off shorts and t-shirts and Birkenstocks.

For dinner out, I am packing a few of the dresses that I wore in Italy that I loved. The nap dress is perfect for Summer in Hilton Head. Espadrilles have been a favorite Summer shoe that goes with just about everything.

For the evening, I will most likely be hanging in watching a movie, chatting with friends, or having a glass of wine. I am packing a sweatshirt and sweatpants for hanging around the house in the early morning and evening.

My beauty routine will stay simple and mostly focus on good healthy glowing skin. I forgot an exfoliant and mask when I was in Italy so I will make sure to pack them this round.

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  1. Wow … my family just 3 hours ago returned from a week at Sea Pines in Hilton Head. They had a rented house also but no pool. The weather was not the best as it rained for 3 days straight. But they had a great time anyway. They saw two sharks near the shore .. and alligators each day on their morning bike ride. Soooo be very careful. I love Hilton head and went there for many years. And of course Savannah is a must. I also was thinking that for your beautiful photos that gift bags … and paper napkins … and bookmarks with a tassel wld be appropriate places to use your photos. Best wishes for a restful and glorious vacation. Carol

    • Hi Carol, thank you so much for your advice on Hilton Head. I will most likely stay out of the water 🙂 It rained upon arrival but the rest of the week looks warm and humid. We biked along the bike path and beach today and I am sure it will be a great trip. I will work on other fun product ideas and see what I come up with. xo