Links I Love Week 32

Paris Ferris Wheel Summer for Links I Love Week 32

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I am officially off to the beach where I moved my office for the next week. I have a fun week planned online here so make sure to stay tuned. Also, I booked this beach house a year ago which was before Italy was a possibility. I plan to unplug a bit, nap, and recharge. The next few months will be full speed ahead and this is the last chance to catch some rest. Italy and Paris calendars launch next month which I will be working on this week and there are fun additions coming to the shop that include wrapping paper. 😍 I can’t wait to show you all! If you are on Instagram, you can take a look at stories for a little preview.

Links I Love Week 32

Grab your coffee and croissants and join me for this week’s links I love.

Is it Safe to Plan International Fall Travel Right Now?

Ways to Support Small Businesses When You Travel

19 Beautiful Towns in Italy

I am adding this dream hotel to my wish list for Paris. The views and location are going to be amazing. 

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends today! Don’t miss out on stocking up on your favorites at a reduced price. These are my favorites in this post. It can be so overwhelming. They have done major restocks on items where they typically sell out. I went over the weekend and there were tons of workout items!

As airlines in the US continue to struggle, it may be time to update the Passenger Bill of Rights. (This article is from WSJ and may require a subscription) I am trying to find an updated article that is available for free. If you didn’t know, the EU has its own bill of rights and you can be compensated for up to 600 euros for a delayed or canceled flight. This is important to be aware of as travel picks up. This happened to me back in 2019 and I was compensated. 

The most underrated exercise and the health benefits. You can start today! 

For a fun and easy Summer dinner, try this salmon recipe using Maille mustard and Bonne Mamman jam.

What I packed for Summer vacation to the beach.

These striped pajamas have my name written all over them. 

Summer Travels

If you are traveling to Paris this August, there are some restaurants closed for Summer. Here is what is open and worth checking out. 

For your Summer Travels, Ina Garten made a Road Trip playlist on Spotify 

Staub introduced a stacking system for a few of their pans making it much easier to store. I love my Staub and this is a game-changer for small spaces. It is going on my wish list in the navy. 

Rose Bakery celebrates the opening of two more locations and shares its carrot cake recipe. 

Travel Essentials

Beginners camera suggestion.  This is something I am always asked. I started with a Canon Rebel and this price is too good to pass up if you are looking for a good camera to start your hobby or even profession with.

Now that tomato season is in full force, I have been making this weekly. 

Italy now requires a Green Pass for indoor dining and more. (NYT article) 

A Parisian Balcony Lockdown Quiz Show Goes Viral This was such a fun story!

Lifestyl Links

Financial stability is key for women. I am very big into women being financially independent and saving for retirement. Also, I don’t see enough bloggers talking about it. I wish we all did a little less shopping and a bit more saving for the future. My accountant tells me I will thank her when I am older!

Why So Many Millennials Are Obsessed with Dogs

I discovered lupini beans in Italy and now I am addicted. They are a great snack with a good amount of protein. I purchased this brand that I found at my local grocery but you can also order them online through Amazon or directly through their site. 

99 Positive Morning Affirmations You Can Use Daily

I always get asked about these Eiffel Tower scissors. They are under $10 and perfect for back to school.

Boll and Branch are gearing up for their Semi-Annual Sale. My favorite item is the waffle blanket. Add this to your cart and wait patiently for the discount code. You will thank me! 

I am currency reading, “The Book of Lost Names” I have heard great things and it has been on my book stack for a while now. It was easy to get into and I look forward to reading more. 

Architectural Digest Paris Apartment. The blend of old and new. 

The newest bakery on my Paris list. 

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