Italian Summer Holiday

italian summer holiday

My first love was not Paris, which may surprise you. I studied abroad in Italy during a semester in college and it was where I first fell in love with travel. Italy will always have my heart. I didn’t travel to Paris until a month into my semester abroad and I was already smitten with Italy. In 2015, I visited Positano by myself and shot this image from the main beach. It has become one of my best sellers in The Print Shop. What I love about it is people always comment about their memories in Positano and how the image brings them back to their honeymoon, anniversary, or family trip.

I remember my solo trip to Positano well, I had just left Paris and I was so sad. I walked from my tiny hotel in the hill down to the main beach at dusk and my eyes filled with tears. I stopped right there and soaked it all in. My mood instantly changed from this point and I went to find dinner after a long day of traveling.

I enjoyed meals on the beach at Chez Black over the years enjoying pasta, pizza and fresh seafood. I need to work on my Positano list of places to eat and drink for a future post.

I have been to Positano four times and I was planning to go back this Summer. Positano can be enjoyed solo or with a partner, friends, or family. My last visit was with my Dad in 2016. We were only supposed to stay a few days and we didn’t have any set reservations because it was August and the busiest month for Positano. Each afternoon, I would sit on the lounge chairs on the main beach and search for a hotel room online. It wasn’t the easiest situation to move rooms every night. (my dad complained so much) But we both agreed we didn’t want to leave Positano.

August in Positano is packed with Italians. I really enjoyed hearing them speak while I read under my umbrella. It may not be the best experience walking up and down the packed stairs to the beach. You have to arrive early and each umbrella and chair cost money. It was completely worth it to me and there are little shops on the side to get drinks and magazines and the prices aren’t too high.

I have been in May and the beach is a lot less crowded but the weather isn’t quite Summer swimming temperatures.

I was very lucky to be invited to Le Sireneuse for lunch when visiting with my Dad. It was quite the treat from start to finish. I was so happy to have this experience with my Dad and when you ask him his favorite meal of the trip, it was lunch here. This was the view from our chairs overlooking the water.

The hotel stay was out of my budget, but the lunch may be your best bet if you want the experience.

le sirenuse positano italy

le sirenuse positano italy

le sirenuse everyday parisian

I also highly recommend Franco’s Bar next door for a cocktail at sunset. Arrive just as the doors open and snag a seat at the edge. It will be worth it and the prices are more reasonable than a cocktail hour at Le Sirenuse. 

Capri, Italy

Capri, Italy is just a quick boat ride from Positano. If you have the opportunity to add it to your trip, I highly recommend it. It took me a few trips to fall in love with the island and now I can’t wait to get back. A lot of this has to do with my friends at Capri Michel’ Angelo Holly and Gianluca gave me a map and directions to the beach and places to explore when I had dinner at their restaurant. They have become friends over the years and I am so happy to try their new restaurant when it finally opens next year. I have been using their olive oils in my kitchen at home and their recipes until I can get back to Capri. You can order them here.

My sandals were made in Capri for me.

My sandals were made in Capri for me.

Cappuccinos and iced cappuccinos in Italy are like nothing else.

marnia picolo italy capri

Head down to the beach in Capri. I felt like I stepped onto a movie set, I only heard Italian spoken and it looked like a dream. I reserved a chair and umbrella by the water. I went for a dip when it was hot just at the side of my chair and when I was hungry I took a visit to the beach club snack bar.

capri italy rebecca plotnick

If you can’t make it to Italy this Summer, this is an easy little setup to recreate at home. I LOVE olives, you can grab these at Eataly and make a spritz or Campari Soda at home.

capri italy rebecca plotnick

Grab a seat in the main square for people watching in the early morning before the boats arrive or at cocktail hour in the afternoon. I was told many times that the best time to enjoy Capri was before the boats arrive and after the last one leaves. The island becomes a whole different vibe. You need to book a hotel early because there are limited accommodations.

The one thing that I haven’t done in my many visits to Capri is the Blue Gratto due to weather. We waited on our last trip and had many attempts but it was too windy to take the boat out. Hopefully, next year. I have heard a private boat on the water in Capri is simply the best thing you can do!

I hope you enjoyed my Italian Summer holiday post and it has filled your heart with joy as much as it has creating this. I have had beautiful memories in Italy over the years and I can’t wait to make more in the years to come.

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  1. My first trip to Europe was with my parents when I was 17. It was their first trip, too. Italy was the first stop and I was totally taken by the History, which was my major in college. Next we went to the French Riviera and then on to Paris. I totally missed Italy and probably didn’t fully appreciate Paris. Then, it was on to London. You know, the grand tour in 6 weeks. Then by ship back to New York.
    Gerry and I decided to go to France and nowhere else on our first trip. Spent 2 weeks in Provence and Lyon and then on to Paris. I was 25 and Paris was wonderful. Maybe being with him was different. You think? Been back so many times, I’ve lost count. Rented several apartments. In between we spent 3 years in New York and another 3 in Singapore. Gerry was an international banker and we were hoping for the Paris posting. Didn’t happen.
    Anyway that sums it up. We both feel very at home in Paris. I speak enough French to get along pretty well.

  2. Great post. Part of Italy I have never been. La Sireneuse is so on my list. I agree that you can always eat lunch at someplace expensive. How I have been to Hotel du Cap twice. Because of you, I have been following your friend’s restaurant in Capri. His pictures are beautiful and the food …… just wow!

    • Hi Barbara,

      Thank you! I am so happy that you have enjoyed my recommendations! The restaurant in Capri is lovely and the food is amazing. I hope you get the chance to visit Le Sireneuse and Capri soon. xo

  3. LOVED reading this! Italy is one of my favourite countries and I can’t wait to go back. As a lover of cappuccinos, I completely agree that nothing beats sipping on one (hot or cold) in Italy!

    • Thank you, Tanya! I can’t believe the price of cappuccinos in Italy too. Paris prices are 4x and not as good. I hope you are back in Italy ASAP!

  4. Italy cappuccinos are the best! I remember falling in love with them during my first trip to Florence and when I came home I spent weeks hunting for something similar close to home. Missing Italy (and France) right now!

    • Hi Annie,

      I am so happy you agree about the Italy cappuccinos! My sister makes coffee on the stove with a Moka pot and she loves it! I hope you get back to Italy and France ASAP!