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For the last two Summers before Covid-19, I was lucky enough to spend some time in The South of France. The first trip was a last-minute adventure and I was hired for a project where I spent 48 hours in Antibes I went back in 2019 with family and we had a week to explore Nice and the surrounding cities. It wasn’t so easy with two small kids along but we made some great family memories.

I loved being able to show my family my love for France and while they may not love it as much as I do, there are certain things they really enjoyed. One of my favorite memories was going to the local boulangerie on the corner of our Airbnb and grabbing croissants, a baguette and coffee for everyone. The whole family would slowly wake up and gather around the breakfast table sampling the assortment of pastries and fresh fruit from the local market.

Photographing the South of France with my family along had its challenges. I am used to chasing the light and getting lost for hours. The minute I would request some alone time to shoot, I would have one or two tag along. My niece was very into wanting to try my camera and I really couldn’t say no to her curiosity. The photos below are from our trip last year that I never ended up publishing or putting in The Print Shop until now. All of the images below are available for purchase and will support my future adventures in France.

My family and I got to watch a lot of sunsets on our evening stroll on the promenade on the way to get ice cream and we even got to sit and watch the strawberry moon. This moon was incredibly large and red. The kids loved it. It didn’t photograph that well but it was really great to experience in person.

The Market in Nice

Arrive early before it gets too busy or hot. There are surrounding restaurants and cafés to eat or take away to the beach.

How to Arrive

You can fly directly to the Nice airport. We arrived via Milan and took the train and was quite the adventure with the kids. If you are traveling from Paris, you can take the train, it is around 5 hours and it can feel long. ( I did it alone) but the hassle of airports and checking in and traveling might be easier and quicker in the long run. ( I am the queen of airport stress)

Where to Stay

We ended up renting an Airbnb because we were traveling with a large group of people. We used Nice as our base and traveled around the South of France as much as possible. There are some great hotels right on the main street of Nice and in surrounding towns. I don’t know more to make suggestions but hopefully, I can update this in the future.

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