Peach Arugula Summer Salad

peach arugula summer salad everyday parisian

I recently saw a recipe for a Summer salad from my friend Meghan and I had to try it. I planned out buying peaches at the local farmers market just so I could complete this salad. I made a few modifications to the original recipe here.

This is really easy to prepare ahead of time to make it really easy to grab for a simple lunch.


Grab your favorite small pasta noodle. I cooked an entire box of fusilli and I will be eating it for a week. I try to only put in a cup of pasta in each serving size of the salad.


Corn I cooked this on the stovetop and then sliced it and stored it in the fridge


Red Onion


Fresh Mozzarella


I had a lime vinaigrette in the fridge that I used for the above photo. You can do lemon or Iime , whatever you have lying around. I simply add the juice of one lemon, salt, pepper, a little smashed avocado to make it more creamy and oil and whisk until it all blends together. This makes a good serving size and I put it in the fridge to use later.

You can make this all together in one large bowl or make it individually. I had it two days in a row and I have enough ingredients to eat it again today for lunch. The citrus flavors mixed in really complete this Summer salad.

You can add tomatoes, sub out the mozzarella for feta, and add chicken or shrimp on top. Get creative!

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